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Plugin Info
Name MQ2AutoForage
Author htw/Bling
Link Wiki Link
Commands /autoforage /startforage /stopforage /keepitem /destroyitem
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2AutoForage automatically uses the forage skill as well as automatically destroy foraged items that aren't wanted. You must have the Forage skill on a Ability Button (Alt-M, Abilities tab), for the plugin to operate correctly.


  • /startforage Turns autoforaging on. Alias for: /autoforage start
  • /stopforage Turns autoforaging off. Alias for: /autoforage stop
  • /keepitem item Keeps foraged item automatically. Alias for: /autoforage keep item
  • /destroyitem item Destroys foraged item automatically. Alias for: /autoforage destroy item
  • /autoforage Displays current plugin settings.
  • /autoforage help Displays the help info.
  • /autoforage max ## Sets the max minutes to forage. (0=no max)
  • /autoforage auto off Turns AutoStart off.
  • /autoforage auto on Turns AutoStart on.
  • /autoforage tell off Turns StopOnTell off.
  • /autoforage tell on Turns StopOnTell on.
  • /autoforage hail off Turns StopOnHail off.
  • /autoforage hail on Turns StopOnHail on.
  • /autoforage afk off Turns StopOnAFK off.
  • /autoforage afk on Turns StopOnAFK on.
  • /autoforage gm off Turns StopOnGM off.
  • /autoforage gm on Turns StopOnGM on.

Using /keepitem or /destroyitem with an item on your cursor, will add that item name to the appropriate keep or destroy list. Otherwise, a name must be supplied, as shown in the above command list.

Example Usage

  • /keepitem Tuft of Dire Wolf Fur: Would autoinventory any Tuft of Dire Wolf Furs foraged.
  • /destroyitem Water Flask: Would destroy any Water Flask that are foraged.
  • /autoforage hail on: Turns on the option to stop foraging if you are hailed.
  • /autoforage max 600: Sets the max time to forage to 600 minutes.


MQ2AutoForage provides configuration options in ServerName_CharacterName.ini (e.g., toon named Bubba on bertox would be bertox_Bubba.ini), in the [MQ2AutoForage] section.

Sample Configuration


Plane of Growth_Tuft of Dire Wolf Fur=keep
Plane of Knowledge_Water Flask=destroy
Plane of Knowledge_Vegetables=destroy

Configuration Explanation

  • StopOnHail: Turns off autoforage if someone hails you.
  • StopOnTell: Turns off autoforage if someone sends you a tell.
  • StopOnAFK: Turns off autoforage if you go AFK.
  • StopOnGM: Turns off autoforage if a GM is detected.
  • MaxMinutes: Max minutes to forage.
  • AutoKeepAll: AutoKeep all items foraged on/off, off will make the plugin check the ini to see if an item should be kept or destroyed.
  • AutoAddAll: AutoAdd items foraged to ini file on/off.
  • AutoStart: Automatically start foraging when able on/off.
  • [Zone]: The clean name of the specific zone that you want items kept or destroyed (example [Guild Hall]), followed by _ and the item name.
  • Plane of Growth_Tuft of Dire Wolf Fur: Keep any Tuft of Dire Wolf Fur.
  • Plane of Knowledge_Water Flask: Destroy any Water Flask.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.