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The MMOBugs support and development team actively maintains a collection of more than a hundred quality MacroQuest2 plugins for your use. Each plugin is modular, and designed to be loaded or unloaded at will.

To load a plugin into MacroQuest, use the following command, replacing plugin-name with the name of the plugin that you would like to load: * /plugin plugin-name

To unload a plugin that is already loaded, use the following command: * /plugin plugin-name unload

For additional information about using plugins, see Using Plugins.

Below is a listing of all the plugins available from MMOBugs.

MMOBugs Plugins
Plugin Name Description
MQ2AASpend Automatically buys AA for you as points become available.
MQ2AdvBeep Provides commands for making beeps of various pitches.
MQ2AdvLoot Loot corpse(s) with keep/destroy lists.
MQ2AdvPacks Automatically open bags when other windows are opened.
MQ2AdvPath Used to record and playback player movement.
MQ2AutoAcceptTrades Automatically accept trades from other players.
MQ2AutoAFK Automatically sets AFK on idle mouse/kb time.
MQ2AutoBuff Automatically cast buffs by command or buff requests.
MQ2AutoClaim Automatically claims your free Daybreak Cash.
MQ2AutoClip Automatically adjust clipping plane depending on zone.
MQ2AutoDestroy Automatically keep/drop/destroy items as they appear on your cursor.
MQ2AutoForage Automatically use forage skill and maintain keep/destroy item list.
MQ2AutoGroup Automatically accept a group/raid invite from a list of names.
MQ2AutoLogin Automatically logs in a charater set by an INI.
MQ2AutoLoot Automatically loots and keeps items from AdvLoot window.
MQ2AutoSize Automatically shrink spawns of various types within range.
MQ2AutoSkills Automatically use combat skills as they are available.
MQ2Bandolier Allows bandolier the use of all equipped slots.
MQ2BardSwap Swap in instruments as needed.
MQ2Berzerker Berzerker Bot.
MQ2Bot Plays your character for you.
MQ2BotBeta Beta Version, Plays your character for you.
MQ2BoundTLO Adds a macro TLO to expose your bind location to macros.
MQ2BuffBlock Clicks off unwanted buffs (Beneficial buffs ONLY).
MQ2Bzsrch Search the bazaar and read back the results.
MQ2Camera Manipulate the ingame third person camera.
MQ2CapsLock Enables Caps Lock toggle functionality.
MQ2Cast Advanced casting handler.
MQ2CastTimer Addon UI window for MQ2Cast.
MQ2CEcho Adds color echo commands for macro writers.
MQ2CharNotes Lets you add a PC or NPC comment to a character.
MQ2Chat Makes MQ2 text output go to your main chat window.
MQ2ChatEvents Play sound or Popup on chat event.
MQ2ChatFilter Hides incoming chat lines that have any specified text within them.
MQ2ChatWnd Creates a separate chat window for MQ2 text output.
MQ2Clickies Manages your click items from a xml window added to your UI.
MQ2ClickMaint Helps maintain clickies via macro.
MQ2Collections Creates a number of collection types for MQ2 scripts.
MQ2CompassUtils A collection of routines to add general compass functionality.
MQ2CPULoad Acts as a CPU load balancer for EQ.
MQ2Cursor Designed to be next evolution of MQ2AutoDestroy and MQ2Feedme plugins.
MQ2CustomBinds Allows you to specify custom commands to execute on a key combo.
MQ2CustomSound Define custom sound events that play based on unique chat events.
MQ2DanNet Creates a serverless peer network over LAN for advanced communication between characters.
MQ2Debuffs Reports harmful effects.
MQ2Discord Allows you MQ2 to connect to Discord.
MQ2DoCrack Lets you change data in the EQ memory address space.
MQ2Doors Removes all doors including locked ones from zones.
MQ2DPS Shows the DPS output of you and people around you in a window.
MQ2DPSAdv A more specific DPS plugin with it's own UI.
MQ2EQBC A server based program allowing you to connect and control many chars.
MQ2EQBugFix Fixes bugs that might exist in the client. Currently does nothing.
MQ2EQDraw Uses functions from EQ's graphics engine to render information to the screen.
MQ2EQWire Lowers CPU and GPU usage when it's running in the background.
MQ2ETrack Experience tracker.
MQ2Events Lets you trigger events via an INI
MQ2Exchange Allows you to exchange items or unequip items without inventory open.
MQ2Fakelink Create fake links to "highlight" text.
MQ2FamKiller Automatically kills your familiar for you.
MQ2Farm Intended to assist with farming specific items or creatures or to act like a hunter type macro.
MQ2FeedMe Will eat food and drink you specify.
MQ2FilterSet Allows automatic control of Filters settings for group, raid, etc.
MQ2Focii Displays focus effects, spell effects, and mods on worn gear.
MQ2Fog Allows you to turn zone fog on and off, or adjust the zone fog clipping range.
MQ2FPS Frame limiter (similar to EQPlayNice).
MQ2G15 Provides MQ2 integration with the Logitech G15 Keyboard.
MQ2G19 Provides MQ2 integration with the Logitech G19 Keyboard.
MQ2GamParseHelper Makes the GamParse send to EQ feature a reality.
MQ2GemTimer Helps you keep track of when spells are due to refresh.
MQ2GetMission Used to request missions from NPCs.
MQ2GMCheck Alerts when GM in zone, as long as they are not in "stealth" mode.
MQ2Headshot Shows if you use instant kill or slay undead skill on target.
MQ2HoverInfo Provides simple information about spawns under your cursor.
MQ2HUD Heads-up display.
MQ2HUDMove Allows in-game hud moving.
MQ2Ic Anti MQ2 Detection System.
MQ2Ice Makes walking on ice easier.
MQ2Ifs Create unparsed ini entries that you can use in macros.
MQ2InstanceKill Drops entire group from instances.
MQ2IRC Simple chat window based IRC client.
MQ2ItemDisplay Displays additional item information in the item window.
MQ2Krust Automates various skills by adding /slash commands.
MQ2Labels Extends the UI Labels to add additional EQ Types for displaying more information in custom UIs.
MQ2Languages Allows you to speak and understand all available ingame languages.
MQ2LazyFind Allows you to automatically travel to zones and NPC's using ingame find system.
MQ2LinkDB Allows you search and look up items, and linkbot functions.
MQ2Log Logs MQ2 chat window to file.
MQ2LogOutClick Clicks configurable yes or no for char logout confirmation.
MQ2Main The main MacroQuest library.
MQ2Map Extends the ingame map by displaying and filtering spawns.
MQ2MasterLooter Keeps list of looted items to destroy, keep, ignore and sell.
MQ2MasterMind Remote control plugin that responds to tells.
MQ2Medley Bard song scheduling plugin.
MQ2Melee Automated combat and handling of downtime custom commands.
MQ2MercManager Set your mercenary to passive after a configurable time of inactivity.
MQ2Missing Allows showing who is not in zone for dz, task, raid, guild.
MQ2MMOBugs Main MMOBugs library, provides functionality for many MMOBugs plugins.
MQ2MMOBzsrch Search the bazaar and read back the results (MMOBugs Version).
MQ2MMODPS Reports DPS (Damage Per Second) for combat.
MQ2MMOFastMem Allows you to memorize spells instantly.
MQ2MMOKite A plugin that will automatically kite you around your target.
MQ2MMOMakeGroups Allows you to quickly build your group/groups after login when playing multiple characters.
MQ2MMONoWelcome Prevents showing the browser window at login.
MQ2MMOPopup Adds a command to allow you to show a popup on screen in any color.
MQ2MMOText Lets you send text messages to cell phones from in game.
MQ2MMOTLO Adds several TLOs for use.
MQ2MMOWarp Lets your character warp across the zone.
MQ2MMOXp Keeps track of XP earned.
MQ2MovementRecorder Records your movement and allows you to play them back.
MQ2MoveUtils Movement helper / automation.
MQ2MyButtons Add more button hotbars.
MQ2NameSay Plays a sound when your name has been said in any chat channel.
MQ2Nav Navigation plugin.
MQ2NetBots Provides linked eqbc client way to exchange/share status.
MQ2NetHeal Keeps info on healing/curing for macro access to the info.
MQ2NoGold Will auto-close the 'go gold' popup in game, as well as prevent non-gold account causing browser launch on camp/exit.
MQ2NoMountModels Allows you to use horse regardless of luclin models being enabled.
MQ2NoStun Allows movement while stunned.
MQ2NoSummon Instantly warps you back to old position before a summon took place.
MQ2Otd Displays overhead compass showing target direction & range.
MQ2Overseer Provides a user friendly interface to control the in game Overseer quest window. You can track active quests, explore the new quests, or have the plugin run it 100% automatically for you.
MQ2PCCheck Alerts when PCs are in zone.
MQ2PCSafety Allows you to set up a friend's list and command list to execute when unknown's zone in.
MQ2PiggyZone Instant zone and gate.
MQ2PluginMan Plugin manager in-game UI window.
MQ2Pop Sends a message to MQ2 window when a NPC spawns.
MQ2PortalSetter Plugin to set the guild portal with a two clicks, on the portal merchant and the place you want to go.
MQ2RaidUtils Raid dumps and more.
MQ2ReachIt Reaching utilities - ubertrade, etc.
MQ2React Allows users to define actions and conditions that define when to perform those actions
MQ2RelayTells Allows user to relay incoming tells to chat channel/mail.
MQ2RemoteCamp Allows you to receive a tell command to camp.
MQ2RemoveDet Removes detrimental spell effects (client side only).
MQ2Reward Select task reward.
MQ2Rez Options to automatically take a rez and loot corpse.
MQ2Rogue Rogue Bot.
MQ2ScreenShot Allows you to take a screenshot without the MQ2 features.
MQ2SetRace Makes everyone in zone appear to be the same race as your choice.
MQ2ShitList Lets you maintain a list of "noobs", people who annoy you, etc.
MQ2Shutdown Allows you to shutdown, reboot, or logout of MS Windows.
MQ2Size Changes the size of the target on your screen.
MQ2SlotColors Changes the color of your bag slots depending on the type of item.
MQ2SoundControl Allows you to set different volume levels for individual sounds in EQ.
MQ2SpawnMaster Spawn tracking/analysis utilities.
MQ2SpeedUtils Allows you to change your chars movement speed.
MQ2SpellHotkeys Automated message announcements for spell events.
MQ2SpellSearch Used for looking up spell information.
MQ2SpellTimer Track spell durations, etc., with UI.
MQ2SQLite Allows MQ2 to connect and read SQL databases.
MQ2StartMacro Starts macro via command (useful for boxing).
MQ2Stealth Move around client-side only, avoiding agro on mobs, and near instant looting of corpses.
MQ2SuperCast Lets you cast a spell while running.
MQ2TargetInfo Adds information and buttons to UI.
MQ2Targets Spawntracker with notify and runtime modifiable HUD display.
MQ2TaskAddAccept Automatically accept task invites.
MQ2Telnet Control EQ through a Telnet session.
MQ2Timer Allows you to have a window that gives you timer countdowns for events.
MQ2TimerColor Adds countdown timers to clickies.
MQ2TimeStamp Insert a timestamp into incoming chat.
MQ2Tooltip Adds a tooltip to give descriptions of mouseovers.
MQ2Tracking Provide a similar tracking window as native tracking chars.
MQ2TributeManager Adds automatic tribute status management capabilities.
MQ2Twist Bard song twisting.
MQ2Vendors Lets you setup a search list of items that you want to be notified about if they are for sale on a vendor that you're browsing.
MQ2ViewPort Resets your viewport to black screen on any background EQ session.
MQ2VladUtil A few misc commands and TLOs.
MQ2VoiceCommand Text to speech and voice command capability for EQ.
MQ2Web Allows more advanced use of ingame web browser.
MQ2WickedSpeed Another movement speed plugin.
MQ2WinTitle Automatically changes the EQ window title based on INI config.
MQ2XPTracker Reports to your window exact xp made on each mob.