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Plugin Info
Name MQ2WinTitle
Version 1.0
Author htw
Commands /winload
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2WinTitle is a plugin that will change your EQ window titlebar (caption) text, to display data of your choice. The specific text that is displayed is configurable via INI file. The plugin will also indicate, if you wish, if a tell was recieved in a background EQ session, by changing the titlebar to user defined text.


MQ2WinTitle provides one command and several options for configuration:

  • /winload forces immediate reload of the MQ2WinTitle.ini entries.

The MQ2WinTitle.ini file:

There is one section, titled: [Settings]


  • InGame The titlebar format to use while in game (not zoning, foreground).
  • Tell The titlebar format to use if you recieve a tell while EQ is in the background.
  • Other The titlebar format to use at other times (such as char select).
  • Zoning The titlebar format to use while zoning.
  • ShowHotKey Whether to append the hotkey as shown by WinEQ2 or InnerSpace, if used.
  • KeepOriginalTitle Whether to append the MQ2WinTitle entry to the original title or not. If this is off, then any entry will overwrite the original title.

The ShowHotKey entry is either on or off. All other entries are parsed as macro parameters, such as used by MQ2Hud.

If no INI exists when you load the plugin, one will be created with default values.


This plugin comes with the MMOBugs binary and install distributions. Source code is not available.