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Plugin Info
Name MQ2SpawnMaster
Author Cr4zyb4rd
Link Wiki Link
Commands /spawnmaster /logspawn
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


Spawn tracking/analysis utilities.


  • This plugin adds the ability to watch for certain spawns, either spawning or despawning. You can also optionally log highly configurable spawn information to log file (MQ2SpawnMaster.log) located in your configured MQ2 logs directory (default is .\Logs). Use the TimeStamp option in your [Settings] in the INI to control whether a timestamp is logged with each entry, and the [LogString] entry to control the format.


  • /spawnmaster <on/off> Turns spawn checking on or off.
  • /spawnmaster add <SpawnName> Add spawn name to watch list (or target if no name given).
  • /spawnmaster delete <SpawnName> Delete spawn name from watch list (or target if no name given).
  • /spawnmaster list Display watch list for current zone.
  • /spawnmaster uplist Display any mobs on watch list that are currently up.
  • /spawnmaster downlist Display any watched mobs that have died or despawned.
  • /spawnmaster load Force reload of INI file for spawn list.
  • /spawnmaster case<on/off> Turns exact case checking on or off.
  • /logspawn <on/off> Turns logging on or off, or toggles it if no parameter is given.

Example Usage

This command turns on spawn checking.

  • /spawnmaster on

This command would add the spawn Lodizal to the watch list.

  • /spawnmaster add Lodizal

This command would delete the spawn Lodizal from the watch list.

  • /spawnmaster delete Lodizal

This command would list all the current spawns on the list for your zone.

  • /spawnmaster list

This command would list all the current spawns on your list which are alive.

  • /spawnmaster uplist

This command would list all the current spawns on your list which are dead.

  • /spawnmaster downlist

This command would reload your spawn list from the INI file.

  • /spawnmaster load

This command would turn on/off exact case matching for entries in the INI file.

  • /spawnmaster case [on|off]

Macro Data

This plugin adds a new TLO called SpawnMaster.


  • ${SpawnMaster.Search} : int - Return number of names in search list.
  • ${SpawnMaster.UpList} : int - Return number of mobs in up list.
  • ${SpawnMaster.DownList} : int - Return number of mobs in down list.
  • ${SpawnMaster.Version} : string - Return string with plugin version.
  • ${SpawnMaster.LastMatch} : string - Return name of last matched spawn from the up list.

Sample Configuration

General plugin settings are under the [Settings] section of the INI file. For spawns, they are by zone, and can be under a section of longname, or shortname. shortname is searched for first, longname is used if no entry is found for the shortname. An example would be for Guild Lobby. First it would look for [guildlobby], and if that isn't found, it would look for [Guild Lobby].

OnSpawnCommand needs to be under [server.charname], if you aren't sure of the server shortname, in game type: /echo ${EverQuest.Server}


LogString=${Zone.Name} ${Spawn.CleanName} ${Spawn.Level} ${Spawn.Class.ShortName} ${Spawn.Y} ${Spawn.X} ${Spawn.Z}
[Korafax, Home of the Riders]
Spawn0=#Attendant Xixkt
Spawn1=#Bazu Warsmasher
Spawn4=#Dire Feran Mindrender
Spawn6=#Hexxt Shadowslayer
Spawn7=#Hexxt Soulhunter
Spawn8=#Noc Bloodswarmer
Spawn9=#Pixxt Darkhammer
Spawn10=#Pixxt Deathbinder
OnSpawnCommand=/multiline ; /mmotext send The ${SpawnMaster.LastMatch} is up ; /popup SPAWN: ${SpawnMaster.LastMatch}! ; /beep


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.