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Plugin Info
Name MQ2RelayTells
Author Sadge
Link Wiki Link
Commands /relayhelp
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2RelayTells is a plugin that will relay any incoming tell a character receives to a chat channel you specify. You also have the ability to relay tells to either a email account or text message using the blat program. You can also filter out messages you don't wish to relay using settings in the INI file.


  • /relayhelp Displays current settings and other command info.
  • /relaymailhelkp Displays current mail relay settings.
  • /relayload Reloads the INI file settings.
  • /relaycustom <text> Adds <text> to the custom filter section of the INI file and will not relay any tells that include <text>.
  • /rtsetkey <keyname> <value> Allows for a way to change any entry in the INI file. This will also allow you to set things via TLO values. Example: /rtsetkey ChatChannel /t ${Target.CleanName}


MQ2RelayTells provides configuration

Sample Configuration

[MQ2Relaytells] section of server_Character.ini

ChannelMessage= sent ${Me} a tell that said: 
MailSubject=Tell Received

Configuration Explanation

  • ChatChannel: Defines what channel to relay tells to.
  • ChannelMessage: Custom message given when relaying tells.
  • RelayTellsInGame: Toggles if you wish to relay the tells in game or not.
  • RelayAFKMessage: Toggles the relay of the auto-AFK responses from tells.
  • RelayTraderTells: Toggles the relay of trader tells.
  • RelayPetTells: Toggles the relaying of any pet tells.
  • RelayPetAttack: Toggles the relaying of pet attack messages.
  • RelayPetSuspend: Toggles the relaying of pet suspend messages.
  • RelayPetMezzed: Toggles the relaying "Cannot wake" pet messages.
  • RelayNPCTells: Toggles the relaying of NPC tells
  • RelayToMail: Toggles the relaying of tells to email.text messages (using blat program).
  • RelayToNotifyText: Toggles the relaying of tells to text messages (using MQ2Notify plugin - you need to have it loaded).
  • RelayToNotifyMail: Toggles the relaying of tells to mail messages (using MQ2Notify plugin - you need to have it loaded).
  • EmailTo: Destination address for the relayed tell mail.
  • EmailFrom: Custom address for the sender of the relayed tell mail.
  • MailSubject: Custom subject for the relayed tell mail.
  • MailServer: Your smtp server used for sending the mail.
  • MailUserName: Your email user name.
  • MailPassword: Your email password.

Version History

  • 3.1000 Sadge
    • Added the ability to not relay custom tells (ie. plat spammers)
    • Usage: /relaycustom <text> will add <text> to your ini file and will not relay any tells that contain <text>.
  • 3.0210 Sadge
    • Went back and added UserName and Password for mailrelay (if your smtp requires auth & you don't want to/can't install blat correctly.
  • 3.0200 Sadge
    • Finally fixed the guild treasurer and katta vendors from relaying if NPCRelays are off
  • 3.0100 Sadge
    • Added RelayTellsInGame to ini file. Setting this to FALSE will stop relays to the chat channel (you can still relay to mail with this set to false)
  • 3.0000 and before Sadge
    • Added in the ability to relay tells to mail/cellphone using Blat 262 (
    • Added /relaymailhelp to see current settings for mail relay
    • Added help display for Trader. Also added a timestamp (thanks to simkin for the suggestion).
    • Added check for Traders.
    • Fixed issue with receiving a tell from someone with a familiar (would think the tell came from pet)
    • Added relay for ;tell in addition to the already relayed /tell (results in "told you" instead of "tells you")
    • Added ini file settings so you can now choose to relay pet messages, including attack, suspend, un-suspend, and "unable to wake"
    • Added an ini option to relay AFK messages.
    • Added the /relayhelp command. This allows you to view current settings
    • Added the /relayload command. This allows you to reload the ini file if you make changes.
    • Added NPC check (this will now not relay bank broker and vendor spam)
    • Added character-based ini files. Thanks to jamie75 for the request.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.