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Plugin Info
Name MQ2React
Version 1
Author DrWhom
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2React is a plugin that allows users to define actions and conditions that define when to perform those actions. Conditions are defined in MQ2 Macro syntax and actions are mq2 commands. It's up to the user to make sure their defined conditionas and reactions do not conflict with one another; mq2react does no additional action deconfliction. This is similar to the "HolyShit" and "DownShit" behavior of MQ2Melee without the additional automation behavior that exists within the plugin. MQ2React also allows for complex conditions to be defined as global conditions and reused throughout multiple reacts, thus making reacts considerably easier to maintain and reuse.


MQ2React uses a yaml format for configuration. Upon initial execution, a default configuration file will be created with example reacts and an example global condition. The configuration file is case sensitive.


  • /react help Displays the below list of commands.
  • /react add <nickname> <condition> <action> add a new reaction to your config with and labeled. New reacts are disabled by default. /noparse is required to avoid your condition being parsed before addition.
  • /react remove <nickname> remove a reaction from your config file that has the label.
  • /react globaladd <nickname> <condition> add a global condition with name.
  • /react globalrem <nickname> remove a global condition with name.
  • /react enable <nickname> enable a reaction with label.
  • /react disable <nickname> disable a reaction with label.
  • /react list Display all condition nicknames.
  • /react reload Reloads the mq2react config.
  • /react save Saves the current in-memory configuration to the react config. add, remove, enable, and disable do this automatically.


  • ${React.Condition[reactname]} Returns the condition from react with 'reactname'
  • ${React.Action[reactname]} Return the action from the react with 'reactname'
  • ${React.Enabled[reactname]} Return true if the react is enabled for the currect character or false if it is disabled
  • ${React.Global[globalname]} Returns the condition from the global condition with 'globalname'

Note: For TLOs that return condition statements, MQ2, by design, will parse these conditions automatically. These TLOs are most useful to provide shortcuts to complex conditions for macros.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.