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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Overseer
Author dewey2461


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MQ2Overseer is a plugin that will assist in running Overseer missions.

The ‘Overseer Assistant’ provides a user friendly interface in which you can track active quests, explore the new quests, and if properly configured it can run most/all of the overseer functions for you.

There are three main windows: ‘Mini Status’, ‘Active Quests’, and ‘Quests’. The ‘Mini Status Bar’ is shown when the EQ Overseer window is closed. It is designed to give you quick access and status information. The ‘Active Quests’ window shows active quests details.

The main ‘Quests’ window is shown when you open the EQ overseer window. When a quest is selected, the assistant will automatically begin evaluating agents to find the best match. Press Evaluate to assign agents and calculate scores. Then press Start.

HELP! Evaluate button did not do anything! If you are 5 / 5 or do not have quest types selected (See Quest Settings) then evaluate does not have anything to do. The overseer assistant also waits until you have been out of combat and not moved for 30s


1 - Toggle Automatically pressing the yes I accept button.

2 - Toggle Automatically filling in the quest party when user selects a quest in my window.

3 - Toggle Automatically evaluating all available quests

4 - Toggle Automatically starting the 'best scoring' quests

5 - Toggle Automatically clicking the 'collect now' button to 'finish quests'

6 - Toggle Automatically selecting a reward from the reward window

7 - Set the minimum threshold of duplicate agents to convert

General Settings

The first time you start EQ with the Overseer Assistant you will be taken straight to the setup menu. You must tell the assistant which things you want it to perform. By default most everything is manual.


Scores are generated based on the percentage success and the quest preference rank ordered in the settings window. The base score for a quest is the percentage success. A bonus of 500, 400, 300, 200, or 100 is applied based on if the quest matches the quest type and minimum success. If ‘bonus score’ is enabled an additional bonus is applied based on the level (+3%/per) and rarity (+4%/per) of the quest. For example the rank order might be: 1. Recruitment - 70% min ( +500 bonus ) 2. Recovery - 80% min ( +400 bonus ) 3. Any - 90% min ( +300 bonus )

This would lead to the following quest scores: (assuming ‘bonus score’ enabled) “Goblin Watch” a Level 1 Common Stealth assuming 84% success = (84%+300) = 384 “Rolling Bath” a Level 1 Rare Military assuming 80% success = (80%+300+8% for Rare) = 388 “Recruit Traveler” a Level 1 Rare Recruitment assuming 72% success = (72%+500+8%) = 580


  • /overseer???
  • /overseer on???
  • /overseer off???
  • /overseer show???
  • /overseer hide???
  • /overseer version???
  • /overseer restart???
  • /overseer eval???


This plugin comes with the MMOBugs binary and install distributions. Source code is not available.