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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Map
Author MQ2 Devs
Link Wiki Link
Commands /mapfilter
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2Map This plugin enhances your map in many different ways. Just to list a few, it shows actual mobs/players/groundspawns/drops on the map.


/mapfilter help|option [show|hide] [color R# G# B#]r This controls what appears or does not appear on the in-game map provided by MQ2Map. Any option can have "color R# G# B#" added to them, to set the color for that specific option. Omit the R# G# B# values to reset them back to default.

Mapfilter Options

All: Shows/hides all map items that have already been set to "show".
Aura:	Show/hide auras.
Banner: Show/hide guild banner.
Campfire: Show/hide campfire.
CastRadius #: Show a cast radius circle around your own spawn on the map. Set to "hide" or "0" to disable.
Chest	: Show/hide chests.
Corpse: Master toggle to show/hide all corpses (PC and NPC).
Custom searchfilter: Set a custom filter, which can contain any filtering arguments from the Spawn Search page.
Group: Whether group members should be listed in another color.
Ground: Show/hide ground spawns.
Marker: lets you give a custom mark on the map (see examples)
Merceneary: Show/hide mercenaries.
Menu: Enable or disable the right-click context menu
Mount: Show/hide mounts.
Named: Displays only 'named' NPCs, other NPCs are filtered out (not perfect).
NormalLabels: Toggles normal EQ (non-MQ2) label display.
NPC: Show/hide all NPCs.
NPCConColor: Whether the dots on the map should be the same as the NPCs con colors.
NPCCorpse: Show/hide NPC corpses.
Object: Show/hide destructible objects (as were implemented in Prophecy of Ro expansion), like catapults, tents, practice dummies, etc.
PC: Show/hide all Player Characters.
PCConColor: Whether the dots on the map should be the same as the PCs con colors.
PCCorpse: Show/hide Player corpses.
Pet: Show/hide pets.
SpellRadius #: Show another radius circle around your own spawn. Functions the same way as CastRadius.
Target: Show your target in a different color.
TargetLine: Draw a line between yourself and your target.
TargetMelee: Draw a melee range circle around your target.
TargetRadius #: Draw a radius of # around your target. Using "hide" or "0" will disable the TargetRadius circle.
Timer: Show/hide timers.
Trigger: Show/hide trigger locations.
Trap: Show/hide traps.
Vector: Display heading vectors.
Untargettable: Show/hide untargettable spawns.

Mapfilter Examples

/mapfilter castradius color 255 0 0
/mapfilter custom npc radius 1000
/mapfilter custom npc range 60 65 radius 50
/mapfilter custom
/mapfilter marker <mapfilter> <type> 
      Examples for mapfilter mark
                /mapfilter marker pc square
                /mapfilter marker npc triangle
                /mapfilter marker size 8. 
      Current valid mark types are: None, Triangle, Square, Diamond, Pentagon, Pentagram

/highlight spawnname [color # # #] [reset] Temporarily highlights spawnname on the in-game map, spawnsearch filters can be used. Color # # # can be used to specify an RGB value for the highlighted spawn(s)

/mapclick [ list | keycombo | clear ] command Allows you to define custom commands to execute when right-clicking with a certain key combination on the in-game map. List will show you the current mapclicks that have been defined. Keycombo can be one or more of the following (multiple keys must be specified with +): ctrl, lalt, ralt, shift.

Default mapclicks

ctrl	/maphide id %i	Hides that spawn from the map
lalt	/highlight id %i	Highlights the clicked spawn

Example /mapclick

/mapclick lalt+shift /mycommand %i

/maphide spawnname [reset] This will hide spawnname from the map. Hidden spawns are in effect until you reset /maphide, or the mapped spawns are regenerated (such as changing certain map filters).

Example /maphide

/maphide npc range 1-39
/maphide reset

/mapnames [help] [ target|normal options ] Sets how spawn names will be displayed on the MQ2 map, for your target or all other spawns. This command takes a parameter specifying normal/target, and then an optional custom string. With no arguments, /mapnames will display the current settings for target and normal (both are set to %N by default). The plugin will replace the %l %r %c %N options with a piece of information. Each option is case sensitive and exactly one character in length. It is important to note that names are not updated continually (except for your target if the target map filter is on).

/mapnames Options

%n: The default unique "name" of the target, like "a_coyote34"
%N: The cleaned up name of the target, like "a coyote"
%h:  Current HP percentage
%i:  Spawn ID
%x:  X coordinate
%y:  Y coordinate
%z:  Z coordinate
%R:  Full race name (eg. Dwarf)
%r:  3-letter race code (eg. DWF)
%C:  Class full name (eg. Shaman)
%c:  3-letter class code (eg. SHM)
%l:  Level
%%:  "%" sign

/mapnames Example

/mapnames normal [%l %R %C] %N - %h%%

/mapshow spawnname [reset] Explicitly shows spawnname on the map. Only in effect until the mapped spawns are re-generated (same as /maphide).

/mapshow Examples

/mapshow npc range 1-39
/mapshow reset


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.