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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Main
Author MQ2 Devs
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2Main is the core of Macroquest, and provides all the standard base functionality. Detailed expalanations of all features are beyond the scope of this wiki article, which is only intended to provide a brief overview.


For a complete list, and explanations of these commands please see the Macroquest2 Wiki and the Macroquest2 Manual

  • /aa - Used to retrieve information on AA Abilities, or to activate an AA ability.
  • /alert - Used to manipulate alert lists which 'watch' for spawns.
  • /alias - Useful for creating shorter versions of a command.
  • /altkey - Execute a command while telling the window manager that the alt key is pressed.
  • /banklist - Displays an inventory of the currently logged in character.
  • /beep - Performs a system beep.
  • /bind - Binds commands to a key or key combo.
  • /call - Calls a subroutine.
  • /caption - Command that sets the custom captions in-game.
  • /captioncolor - Allows custom spawn caption coloring
  • /charinfo - Returns Your current bind zone and location.
  • /cleanup - Closes all open windows and then opens inventory window.
  • /clearerrors - Clears each of the "last errors" in the macroquest type.
  • /click - Clicks the left/right mouse button at coordinates or a defined location.
  • /combine - Activates the Combine button combine of pack.
  • /ctrlkey - Execute a command while telling the window manager that the ctrl key is pressed.
  • /declare - Creates a variable.
  • /delay - Fully pauses macro for a set amount of time.
  • /deletevar - Deletes an existing variable.
  • /doability - Activates a combat ability if it is ready to be used.
  • /doevents - Runs any events that have queued up or flushes queued events.
  • /doors - Lists all doors in the zone.
  • /doortarget - "Targets" a door for use with /face door.
  • /drop - Drops the item currently on the cursor.
  • /dumpbinds - Dumps all current binds to Configs\ name.cfg which can be used to load later.
  • /echo - Echo's the specified text and or variable values to the EQ client.
  • /endmacro - Stops the macro.
  • /face - Turns your character to face your target.
  • /for - Standard programming command for creating for next statements.
  • /goto - Moves macro execution to a label.
  • /identify - Cross between the Identify spell and right-clicking an item for info.
  • /if - Runs command(s) if formula evaluates to something other than 0.
  • /ini - Writes data to the specified ini file.
  • /itemnotify - Similar to the /click function, but does not involve the use of the mouse.
  • /items - Lists all ground spawns in the zone if "filter" is not used.
  • /itemtarget - "Targets" a ground spawn or environmental container.
  • /keepkeys - Keeps keys that were pressed with /keypress in their current state when a macro ends.
  • /keypress - Sends a bound keypress (eg "Jump" or "Forward") without using the keyboard.
  • /listmacros - Lists macro files that are in the 'macros' directory .
  • /loadcfg - Loads a cfg file.
  • /loadspells - Will load one of your memorized sets of spells.
  • /location - Returns your x,y location and the cardinal direction you are facing.
  • /loginname - Displays the login name of the account you are currently logged into.
  • /look - Changes the angle you are looking.
  • /macro - Starts running a macro.
  • /memspell - Attempts to memorize a spell.
  • /mqlog - Logs text to 'logs'directory or clears the log file. The log file will be saved in the logs folder.
  • /mqpause - Pauses/resumes a macro to aid in debugging or chatting.
  • /multiline - Executes a series of commands all typed on one line.
  • /nomodkey - Releases all ctrl/alt/shift keys for the duration of the execution of command.
  • /noparse - Prevents any MQ2Data from being parsed when used in a command.
  • /notify - Used to interact with UI windows directly instead of using the mouse.
  • /plugin - Lists, loads, and unloads plugins.
  • /popup - Displays text in the center of your screen.
  • /ranged - Performs a ranged attack.
  • /return - Returns to the line immediately following the subroutine call.
  • /sellitem - Sells the selected item.
  • /setautorun - Forces character into autorun at login.
  • /seterror - Sets macroquest.Error to errormsg.
  • /shiftkey - Execute a command while telling the window manager that the shift key is pressed.
  • /skills - Lists your skills, or your skill level.
  • /spew - Enables or disables the output of Debug Spew to a file.
  • /squelch - Executes a command and prevents any output from the command.
  • /substitute - Allows you to create custom midline substitutions that will work.
  • /target - Targets a mob, object, corpse etc.
  • /timed - Executes a command after a specified duration (in deciseconds like pause).
  • /unload - Unloads MacroQuest.
  • /updateitems - Dumps a list ID's and names of all inventory and bank items to ItemDB.txt.
  • /varcalc - Perform a calcuation with a variable.
  • /vardata - Sets a variable directly to the end result of a MQ2Data string.
  • /varset - Set the value of a variable.
  • /where - Lists where the closest spawn or pc is.
  • /who - Extended version of ingame command.
  • /whofilter - Toggles the display of certain filters when using /who.
  • /whotarget - MacroQuest enhances this command by allowing you to use it on any target.
  • /windows - List all available UI windows.
  • /windowstate - Used to open or close UI windows.

Macro Data

All built in TLO's are contained in MQ2Main. For explanations of these TLO's please see the TLO page at the Macroquest2 Wiki.

  • AltAbility
  • Bool
  • Corpse
  • Cursor
  • Defined
  • DisplayItem
  • DoorTarget
  • DynamicZone
  • FindItem
  • FindItemBank
  • FindItemBankCount
  • FindItemCount
  • Float
  • Friends
  • GameTime
  • Ground
  • Group
  • Heading
  • If
  • Ini
  • Int
  • InvSlot
  • ItemTarget
  • LastSpawn
  • LineOfSight
  • Macro
  • MacroQuest
  • Math
  • Me
  • Merchant
  • NearestSpawn
  • Plugin
  • Raid
  • Select
  • SelectedItem
  • Skill
  • Spawn
  • SpawnCount
  • Spell
  • Switch
  • Target
  • Time
  • Type
  • Window
  • Zone


This plugin is part of the core MQ2 source. It is included with the MMOBugs Compile, and source is freely available.