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Plugin Info
Name MQ2MMOBzsrch
Author MMOBugs Devs
Commands /bzsrch /bzreset /bzhelp
Uses INI File No


MQ2MMOBzsrch allows commandline bazaar searching.


/bzhelp Shows help screen in MQ2 window.
/bzreset Clears search results & clears bazaar search window.
/bzsrch [params] [name]

  • [params] can be one of the following:
    • race any, barbarian, dark elf, dwarf, erudite, froglok, gnome, half elf, halfling, high elf, human, iksar, ogre, troll, vah shir, wood elf, drakkin
    • class any, bard, beastlord, berserker, cleric, druid, enchanter, magician, monk, necromancer, paladin, ranger, rogue, shadow knight, shaman, warrior, wizard
    • stat any, armor class, agility, charisma, dexterity, intelligence, stamina, strength, wisdom, vs cold, vs disease, vs fire, vs magic, vs poison, hit points, mana, endurance, attack, hp regen, mana regen, haste, damage shield, damage shield mitigation, heal amount, spell damage, clairvoyance, heroic agility, heroic charisma, heroic dexterity, heroic intelligence, heroic stamina, heroic strength, heroic wisdom
    • slot any, ammo, arms, back, charm, chest, ear, face, feet, fingers, hands, head, legs, neck, power source, primary, range, secondary, shoulders, waist, wrist
    • type any, 1h slashing, 1h blunt, 2h blunt, 2h slashing, 2h piercing, alcohol, alternate ability, all effects, armor, arrow, bandage, book, bow, brass instruments, combinable, drink, focus effect, food, jewelry, key, light, martial, misc, note, percussion instruments, piercing, potion, scroll, shield, stringed instruments, throwing, wind instruments, augmentation, placeable
    • price <low> <high>
    • level <low> <high>
  • [name] is the name or partial name of the item you wish to search for

Macro Data

This plugin adds a new TLO which is used for the search results.

${Bazaar} : bool - Returns true when search is complete

Data types

  • ${Bazaar.Done} : bool - Returns true when search is complete
  • ${Bazaar.Count} : int - The number of search results
  • ${Bazaar.Item[n]} : bazaaritem - Result info by index (1-based)

The bazaaritem DataType has the following members:

  • ${Bazaar.Item[n].Name} : string - Item Name
  • ${Bazaar.Item[n].Trader} : spawn - The trader selling it
  • ${Bazaar.Item[n].Price} : int - The items price
  • ${Bazaar.Item[n].DispPrice} : string - The items price in plat, gold, etc.
  • ${Bazaar.Item[n].Quantity} : int - The quantity of items that trader has for sale
  • ${Bazaar.Item[n].ItemID} : int - The item's ID number
  • ${Bazaar.Item[n].Stat} : int - Value in the "Stat column" (last column of the search window, eg. save vs fire, int, wis, etc). NOT the value of the Item. Returns 0 if nothing is there.

More information can be found at:

Example Usage

  • /bzsrch race any class any stat any slot any type any price 0 9999999 sword
    • Search for any item called "sword" with no other qualifiers
  • /bzsrch race troll class warrior stat strength slot chest type any price 50000 90000 Plate
    • Search for any troll warrior usable +strength chest slot items with "Plate" in the name, and a price of 50-90k plat.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.