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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Ifs
Author PeteSampras
Commands /ifadd, /ifdelete, /iflist, /fclear, /ifswap, /ifrename


Create unparsed ini entries that you can use in macros.


This plugin provides one command for you to use with multiple options.

  • /ifadd ini_path,section,key - adds this key and value in this section of this ini file.
  • /ifdelete key - deletes this key
  • /iflist [all|key] - lists all or individual key, can be left blank to list all
  • /ifclear - clears all ifs
  • /ifrename key1 key2 - renames key1 to key2
  • /ifswap key1 key2/span> - swaps the if statements for key1 and key2


Ifs.Exists[key] - Does this key exist?

Ifs.Statement[key] - Parses the value of that key. /if (${Ifs.Statement[key]}) /do this

Ifs.Total - total number of ifs mapped out


My ini is \mq2\macros\bot_petesampras.ini

My section is [Heals]

My key is UseHeal1=${If[${Group.MainTank.PctHPs}<30 && ${Me.PctMana}>40,1,0]}

/ifadd macros\bot_petesampras.ini,Heals,UseHeal1

Now I can:

Verify it exists: ${If.Exists[UseHeal1]}

View it unparsed: /iflist UseHeal1

Parse it: ${Ifs.Statement[UseHeal1]}

Delete it: /ifdelete UseHeal1


This plugin is available as a compiled binary in the MMOBugs binary distribution. The source code is not available