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Plugin Info
Name MQ2AutoClip
Author ieatacid, brainiac
Commands /clip
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2AutoClip allows you to control the maximum clip plane, allowing you to increase or decrease the view range for performance or visibility reasons. The plugin is able to keep track of the maximum clipping plane for each zone that you set it for, so that the next time you enter the zone, the clipping plane will be set to your custom value.

Note: Due to changes in the graphics engine, setting a maximum clipping plane value larger than the default may not have noticeable effects due to zone fog. To fix this, you will need to modify or disable the zone fog. For more information see MQ2Fog.


  • /clip load Loads the saved maximum clipping plane value stored for the current zone in the .ini file. If no value exists, the default value is used.
  • /clip set [value] If value is specified, sets the maximum clipping plane to the specified value and saves to the .ini file. If no value is given, saves the current maximum clipping plane value to the .ini file.
  • /clip del Deletes the custom clipping plane value from the .ini file if one exists.
  • /clip show Shows the saved maximum clipping plane value, and the current clipping plane value if it differs from the saved value.
  • /clip <value> Set the maximum clipping plane value to the specified range.


MQ2AutoClip saves clipping plane information to MQ2AutoClip.ini.

Sample Configuration



Version History

  • 1.1 brainiac @ 2008-09-27
    • The ability to set the minimum clipping plane was removed as this option was no longer available through the graphics engine.
    • The .ini storage format was modified to be more simple. Version 1.1 is backwards compatible with previous .ini files that were produced with this plugin, but new values are saved in the new format.
  • 1.0 ieatacid
    • Original Version


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile in both source and binary form.