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Plugin Info
Name MQ2AutoAFK
Version 1.7
Author htw
Commands /autoafk


Uses INI File Yes


MQ2AutoAFK is a plugin that will set you afk & log when your name is mentioned, based on mouse or keyboard idle time. Commands are also available to automatically control PowerSource, Tribute, MQ2Melee, auto return from afk, etc.


MQ2AutoAFK provides two commands and several options for configuration:

  • /autoafk on will turn the plugin on.
  • /autoafk off will turn the plugin off.
  • /autoafk help Shows the help screen in your MQ2 window in game.
  • /autoafk status Shows the plugin status & your options.
  • /autoafk save Saves your options to INI file as the new defaults. Settings are not automatically saved when you change them, so be sure you do /autoafk save to ensure any changes you make to the plugin options are saved to the INI.
  • /autoafk load Loads your options from INI file.
  • /autoafk time ## Sets the number of seconds idle before away engages (example: /autoafk time 30 ).
  • /autoafk reason <reply> Sets the reason for your AFK. If reply is not given, then the default is used (no custom away message in that case - EQ default).
  • /autoafk silent Logs when your name is said, but does not set you AFK.
  • /autoafk return Toggles automatic return from AFK on mouse/keyboard activity.
  • /autoafk triboff Toggles stopping tribute when AFK is engaged.
  • /autoafk tribon Toggles starting tribute when returning from AFK.
  • /autoafk psoff Toggles unequipping powersource when AFK is engaged.
  • /autoafk pson Toggles equipping powersource when returning from AFK.
  • /autoafk meleeoff Toggles disabling MQ2Melee when AFK is engaged.
  • /autoafk meleeon Toggles enabling MQ2Melee when returning from AFK.
  • /autoafk pause Toggles pausing macro when AFK is engaged.
  • /autoafk resume Toggles resuming macro when returning from AFK.
  • /autoafk end Toggles stopping macro when AFK is engaged.
  • /autoafk wiki Loads this wiki in the game browser window.
  • /awaynow Sets the timer so that automatic away engages NOW, if the plugin is turned on.

Logs are created in your MQ2Dir\Logs directory by default. If you have changed the LogPath in macroquest.ini, then they will be in that directory instead. Log name format is ToonName_afk.log.


This plugin comes with the MMOBugs binary and install distributions. Source code is not available.