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Sep 27, 2007
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*** All Accounts are now Sold***

I have 6 accounts, I am the original owner of, they are all over 10 years old. I made them during the Refer a Friend deal, and so they have a huge permanent xp bonus that is account wide. It works on any existing toons, and any new toons made on the accounts.
The accounts all have ToL expansion, I think 1 has NoS. All characters are group geared.
most toons that are 115 or higher have max aa or over 30k etc.

I will only sell this as a group, the value is in the RAF xp bonus and they only get it if together. I think a few toons are higher level than listed now, as I am pulling this from a spreadsheet I use when logging in different groups. The last time I played the most powerful group was: Bard, Chanter, Druid, Mage, Mage, Mage. That group with the bot settings was making 3 million dps 24/7 on xp mobs and could reach as high as 5 million, killing Terror of Luclin trash in under 15 seconds. I was farming ultra rares for plat. They are in their own guild with no one else and I never bother anyone, so no fights and no drama.

I just don't play anymore and want to be done with them, I am sure that this would be handy with the new Persona's and leveling them.

I have been on these boards for many years and you wont be able to find anyone that has a problem with me, I have bought many things from people here but have never sold anything. The last two accounts in the group were my mom's, she died early last year and I just cant bear to log them in and play without her anymore.

On xp weekends with lesson burning that 500% bonus is insane!

I want $650 USD for the entire thing, I have a verified Paypal. I think you can look it up, I have never had a chargeback in 15 years on it and never had a problem. I miss my mom and I just cant play this anymore.

account 1 (original account) 200% permanent xp bonus, stacks with all aa/spell, in game bonuses
120 sk 70k aa I think
120 druid max aa for expansion
120 ranger
115 rogue
110 berserker
100 necro
90 monk

account 2 RAF 1 300% bonus
120 bard max aa
113 ranger
111 bst
110 ber
100 wiz
85 rog

account 3 RAF 2 300% bonus
120 mage
120 ber
120 sk
119 ranger
105 rog
100 nec

account 4 RAF 3 300% bonus
120 sk
120 ber
120 chanter
119 ranger
117 war
105 wiz
100 nec

account 5 (original account) 200% bonus
120 mag
120 nec
113 wiz
113 ber
113 ranger
85 cleric

account 6 RAF 1 300% bonus
120 mag
119 necro
105 wiz
105 chanter
100 cleric

** Edited price after doing some research on the going rates***
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I updated the price after doing some research on what accounts are going for now.
Damn, really wish I had the desire to gear / create another group. These would be awesome to have lol!

Edit: Sent you a PM lol
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