While we wait for update, a question about the Farm.mac.


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May 8, 2023
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SO i have it up and it works well, with the other group toons on bot they follow and assist, melee, cast pretty much (for the most part) what i want them to.

There are 2 major things that don't work though...

1. No matter how much I /ignorethis /ignorethese /permignore mobs since the last downtime, my character just keeps right on going after those mobs... Any workaround?

2. My Pally just will not cast the X_of_Nife line of proc add buffs, no matter how many times or where i load them... He will cast brells, no problem... if i put it in, he will uselessly cast rylton... (higher buff already on)... if i put in the cleric hammer pet summon (on the cleric of course), it will cast it endlessly, even with pet already up after first cast...

Any suggestions on those?