tribute failure


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Dec 5, 2006
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I run 4 accounts on 4 computers and one of them will no longer activate tribute plenty of currency trophies are in place but can't activate and I want to make sure it is not an MQ2 issue before I petition for help
I don't see how MQ could cause this.

Try the 1 account that's not working... on one of the computers that is working. Manually activate it by typing the command and see what happens. You should at least get some sort of error message? Are you sure the account didnt turn F2P? (not sure if that limits tribute or not)
I've had some weird things like this happening too. I can no longer use alt+r to open raid window or alt+z for expedition. However if i type out /keypress alt+r it will open. So weird. All key options in everquest are at default and assigned appropriately. I don't have any 3rd party gaming or Nvidia software using those keybinds. I gave up and just type it out lol