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Sep 27, 2007
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The thing that has been keeping me going in EQ the last few years is tuning and making the perfect group (in group gear not raid). I love melee toons and for years I played zerks/rangers/rogues and all different combinations of them.

My main group settled down to SK, Bard, Shammy, Zerk, Zerk, Zerk. I tried adding and changing things up, I even have a full 6 man SK team that chains 2.0 clicks with no healer lol. But for dps the zerk team always won.

We all know the melee toons had been getting worse and worse and so two years ago I switched to a caster group and did the same, trying mages, wizards, necro etc, and tossing in different melee toons to see how the buffs and auras affected the group.

I have settled down with Mage, Mage, Mage, Bard, Chanter, Druid as the pinnacle of a dps group.

Let me define that, they need to be able to maintain that dps for twelve hours, and have a high survivability rate. So I am not talking about raid burns and mana dumps, but sustained grind dps over hours with never a rest and hopefully no deaths.

I am not talking about play what you like type arguments, just your opinion if you have tested it, on how that group could be better.

With the new expansion out (I dont have it yet but plan to get it soon) are the improved melee weapons making it worth experimenting with melee again? Or are the mages still going to destroy them ?

I am still lvl 120 and two expansions behind right now but I can still maintain 5 to 6 million dps for hours
the synergy from the 3 melee increase the dps more then the dps boost from 3 zerkers , and zerker dps was nerfed compared to what it was , possibly with the new weapon damage the rogue rogue rogue shaman bard sk would be better ( POSSIBLY ) but i doubt it
I went with Sk,Monk,Bard,Shaman,Enchanter,Merc healer. Works very well grp wize~
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Group 1; (SK, Bard, Shaman, RNGR, mage, merc....Main toons)
Group 2; SK, Bard, Shaman, Ranger/BST/zeker, /Mage, /Cleric...Melee team)
Group 3; (Mage, Necro, shaman, ranger, Mage, Necro.....DPS team)..this one SMOKES MOBS, Pets ANIALATE MOBS, and ranger bowing helps a lot
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I went with Mage, SK, Bard, Shammy. 2x DPS Mercs. (Only because Mage has been my Main since I started playing)

Sometimes I switch a DPS merc out with a healer Merc if I’m about to do a crazy pull and don’t feel like mezz/lulling.

Between SK lifetaps, shaman, and sometimes 3rd healer Merc, and mage pet for offtanking, had no problem doing the commander esline tower in shadeweaver. (Which i feel like was the craziest named to get in NoS after they nerfed her spawn location to 2nd floor only).

This expansion has been a breeze other than that heros forage mission. But I’ve read if you have enough DPS (which i don’t have) you can 3box it and pretty much bypass mechanics. /shrug
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