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Feb 12, 2009
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I was disconnected last night while behind the keyboard on 1 of 7 accounts all registered to the same email and when I tried loading that account back up I received a messaged saying that the server has a Temporary block on that one account. No Emails, No warning. Was I suspended and but for how long? Afraid to open a support ticket.
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Not sure its a suspension.
What server are you playing on?
Its not just warp... I never used warp and i am getting them completely random of my accounts (many). i havent been able to figure it out as to what is causing it because one temp banned i received just experiencing in the deep. another was during a raid, one just a minute ago was just running from zone to zone using piggyzone. its only happening when using MMOBugs, i havent had a single account blocked using RedGuides. Not sure if they are helping EQ to find users of MMObugs and to kill their competition or what but does seem shady.
Also, i do know that if they block you account for that 24 hours and see you on the new servers, they will ban you in the next ban wave if it keeps flagging. better to just sell your account now and get a new one.
Are you using plugins that use warp, like nosummon? Do you have usewarp enabled for piggyzone? Those will trigger the warp detection
Hrm.. didnt know that piggyzone uses warp... is there a way to use it without using warp part?

Found the answer.
/zone usewarp [on|off] Sets option to warp to distance checked switches and npcs, where needed.
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Right, so if you had it enabled, that could be a culprit.
Confirmed not using any warping tools or any other MMO active hacks... just got temp block again on a different account just sitting in raid waiting for loot.
Make that two more just entering DZquit command. seems like if they move together or do something around the same time you get a temp ban.. only connection im seeing.
shrug. been moving around as 36 deep and haven't had no issues naving them around as a crew.
What mac do you use to play them? mq2bot, modbot, kissassist, mule, etc... ? i use modbot my self
Can confirm, just got blocked. After not logging in for a month and wanted to play for a minute, got banned after warping for a bit. Guess it's time to find a new game to play!
after 24 years i just caught probably my second ban... lol
oh well i figured it would happen sooner or later, just canceled my 8 accounts.
good luck all!
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It seems new. Didn't really played for nearly a year because that game went slower and slower while graphics is still crappy and expacs are always the same. Before that I had no problem with warp. Came back. Thought I take a Level 29 lowbie which I liked to play a bit in the night in areas where nobody is around to beat a bit time. But didn't box. Tried only a bit to use 4k at a dual screen system and had some fun soloing. After 3 warps I got kicked from server and had the same issue to be not able to login again despite the account at Everquest.com is fine (which normally isn't with a ban - I would expect a kind of automatic suspension routine). Perhaps 4k makes a difference. But if MMOBugs MQ is now so critical and scanned, Everquest is dead. Lucky me I didn't bought the new expansions esp. for all my accounts and first tested a couple of old tools. The only thing which was fun with this stone old shitty graphics game is making a raid work with two PCs and working on a GUI to make 54 toons run smoothly as a challenge. Sad... I hate these greedy moneymakers which are only there to steal our time with useless non-gaming boring repeating stupidity like Big data (Facebook and co) is doing. Tools like MQ are the reason why it is still worth the time to circumvent these idiotic timesinks. If that is after a year the new way of treating potential customers who normally have the money to pay countless accounts... I say byebye to that old game again for a couple of years.. perhaps if they starve again they get a bit more intelligent but then I doubt that guys like my are again bridge their critical stage and help them to survive.... time to not only make a break but a stop after nearly 25 years.. at least they don't get me for another round of xpacs or even a single full paid account...thank you for that help to avoid getting addicted again...
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Smalll information: Tested another account as a dummy. /fartaunt, /grab, /faropen, 24h perma macroeing (tradeskills, fishing, spellcasting) had no effect. Around 3 times warping in around 1 minute -> Suspension 24h (no zoning, no fighting, no questing, only jumping around). Verification twice in a row. After digging into many posts of a couple of forums: fast zoning to and fro and fast rezzing after getting ported seems to have the same effect. It seems DGBs *sarcasm on* Masterclass is at work again *sarcasm off*. I would be interested if that is my IP or account/email or if that is common and others have the same experience?