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Dec 15, 2009
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I'm sick of this person and really don't want to review the whole story again so I gonna make it short.

I come back to the game last month (May), so I needed kronos to bring my army back. I then saw StonDrawHD was selling kronos in Discord channels with his post under the ID "PenDragon79".

I then sent a message to him in Discord and paid $200 on 17th May, here is a screenshot of Paypal

20 kronos.png

He then started his ugly performances. I'm too tired to list them all, but including his paypal had issues, then he was handicapped and waiting for some allowance thing, and then he needed to sell some other game's accounts for money; then he proposed a lame "loan" plan that pays me 4 kronos on 3rd June, and then 4 per month till OCTOBER...

I first agreed for couple of days since he said he is disabled and tbh I didn't pay much attention to a $200 transaction. But gradually I recalled my memories, that back in 2018, it WAS HIM STONDRAW scammed me on a magician.

It was so long that I almost forgot the past shitty story and here is the proof of 2018:
Stondraw | MMOBugs - EverQuest MacroQuest2 Community

So I confronted this to him, and he even didn't deny it with just repeating his shitty lames. Unfortunately, I couldn't chargeback my payment since it's been sent as FnF so he prolly got what he wanted this time. I have all Discord chatting records but I'm lazy to post all screenshots here (the conversation turned out to be very unpleasant ) and I already sent some of them to Fry.

Here is part of the records so you can get the rough picture:

I was too reckless and blinded when I chose the merchant selling kronos since I just wanted to get back asap and forgot there was always filthy thieves lurking around.

StonDrawHD, please stop being so pathetic. Go out and earn money instead of keeping scamming your victims for living.

P. S. To clarify since the screenshot of paypal payment showed there was a dispute on the transaction, here is the reason:
I’ve tried to dispute the transaction till this Monday night since I’ve already tired of his lames (I still held a little hope in 2weeks but his words just showed he was not worthy to trust ). But there is no way to chargeback the FnF except claim it unauthorized, and PayPal denied so I guess I just could not get my money back this time.

And you know what? He is such an AH and he even went to Fry and said I scammed him...what a jerk.
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You can find at least 2 or 3 threads of him scamming people why is he even still a member on this site or allowed in discord @Fry
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He was banned from marketplace long time ago.

I had completely forgotten about the guy until this happened and did a quick search on username.

At this time both of his MMOBugs accounts are banned.

After going through past logs he is fairly good at manipulating people to help him out with promises of doing things but not following through, or just sending a portion of the cash then disappearing off the face of the earth. I actually had him on ignore on discord for begging me for kronos and subscription time.
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I had forgotten about that previous stuff. In discord last year, he would send me DM now and then, in April 2020 this was first kind of "offer":


Kind of went like that on and off throughout the year.

Holy smokes I reported this guy like a month ago I thought it was just me I said somebody needs to take a look into this cuz he's definitely scamming people he was asking for my bank information told me he was going to sell me Kronos for $10 each and I went to go buy them and then he changed his means of payment and said the only way I can get them is if I provide him all of my bank account information..

I have all the chat saved I said they were welcome to look into it with this guy should be looked into because I don't feel that is an honest situation whatsoever and I think other people should be aware before they wind up in it


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It was like a 5-day on going back and forth debate like six pages of him saying he can't do it for some reason but he'll make sure he does it tomorrow and then me saying okay I'm ready and then him say no I got some other reason I can't do it and then he comes with that you need to give me your bank account information nonsense and I was just had it at that point I said screw it and then I reported him and that was that but then I look at his post is still up every day trying to sell stuff so I figured maybe I was wrong
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