several toons with Raid gear/group gear


warp?!! hell no ..was lag
Jul 5, 2006
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120 Pally ..................
49k AA
Tol raid ore shield, ring, face
ToL raid ear , neck, range, legs, arms, boots and 1hs
feather and horn
shrink ring
golden helm trophy
anni dps augs

120 rogue......
max AA
NoS enabled
Hero forge enabled
ToL raid weapons
ToL raid and Tradeskill geared
NoS lifetap,pet and dmg absorb clickies
ToL and NoS familiars
NoS evolving cloak
NoS Champion>Paragon>Night's Avenger has mount and title
300 poison with max trophy

120 chanter
43k AA
ToL familiar
FTP gear

120 mage
little over autogrant aa
ToL FTP gear
couple ToL raid items in bag
Luminous ice
ToL familiar
1560 DBG cash

120 necro


120 SK (think this is a non US account)
Max AA
epic 2.0
CoA breastplate
CoV and ToL raid geared
all good anni clickies
ALL collections from RoF thru ToL complete
Rallos ear maxxed
300 or better all tradeskills
Hero's forge enabled
ALL trophies maxed
janns veil
chetari mask illusion
bixie worker illusion
stonegrabber illusion
Dreadmare saddle
Shadow panther
LOADS of big bags
Restless Ice wurm
Snow griffon
Winter jackalope
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