New Server - Tobys Akkstack!


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Mar 31, 2007
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Not sure if i can post this here BUT hopefully i can.

So i just launched my new server. Yes i know yet another server on the list of many. But i figured id give ya the skinny on it.

Tobys Akkstack -

Increased XP - all forms, group / solo / raid, will be tuning it back some after the new year but this way everyone gets a chance to play and level quickly!

GL Item / Epic vendors - also a temp thing to help everyone get geared up some and settled in with your boxes. again looking to remove after new year so server is more realistic. Spell Vendors also available and will be staying... who wants to struggle to pay for spells?

MQ2 Fully Allowed - Warp , zone , do what ever you want. Just be kind to others and respect there space. Dont be obnoxious and treat the server with respect and your going to have a good time.

No corpse runs - keep your shit when you die...

Discord -


Running with akkstack off a dedicated server in my rack should be no performance issues or connection issues.

check it out, kill some shit, stay awhile