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Jan 20, 2020
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Hi everyone I have been using MQ2 now for 4 months now and worked my box group thru progression. Sk, Monk, Beast, Chanter and cleric. I am currently in ROS doing merc and Partisan np . Heros cannot do. Is this the point where I need real groups to get Adv AAs ?
Sk has 24k AAs atm 7.2k A/C not bad . Monk is 22k AAs . Chanter and cleric 34k and 40k AAs. Looking for suggestions as to how I should move forward. I do need Fire fight to get SK travelers boots. I can say this was a great move from my two box SK and Monk.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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May 4, 2008
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To recap:

Sk, Mnk, Bst, Enc, Clr - what level ?

Can: RoS merc and partisan quests.

Fails: RoS heroic missions and TBL fire fight.

Question is what is the next step ?


RoS = Heroic missions are based on the raids and require you to do stuff.
- Cactii - Is a DPS check but has a melee damage reflection mechanic
- Skyfire - meteors + 5x mobs at the end tended to overrun people
- Gorwyn - timed spawns so once you get to certain point its do or die. Easiest of the missions - farm it
- VP -- 2 group mission - very rough until you know the tricks.

GMM - released mid TBL. It is the 'easy mode' TBL zone. Go here next once you are mostly done with RoS

TBL = Don't even try this until you are fully 110 geared and 110+ level.

Fire Fight - If you MUST try to do fire fight then you will need to really be on your toes.

When I was first starting these I would disc up on my sk and as the wave was incoming I'd use shammy push back root to park 2/3 of the wave. I don't know enchanter well enough to know if they have something similar. If not you might need to skip these until your higher level.

Maybe push to get 111+ and pick up the cheap ToV gear.