MMOBugs MQ2 For EQMac PC Client - Beta Release

Is it possible to add a couple plugins?
MQ2Timestamp / MQ2SpeedUtils or wicked speed?

If not - is there a specific version for this? If so, I can compile it and add it in (as long as there is nothing special about the MMOBugs compilation)

*Edit: Wanted to note that I realized a couple of my requests were built into docrack.
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Wanted to also post here as I’m not sure where I need to post...

Bazaar search crashes and right click spell mem crashes. Are we certain the newest compile is available? It says those were fixed - mine says no updates.
Due to lack of userbase, we've discontinued updating MQ2 for EQMac. MQ2 for EQMac is now free to use without a MMOBugs paid subscription.

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Hi all, anyone that still uses this around? Any one else's MQ2Mapwnd crashing the game?

Other than that everything seems to work fine.
I just payed for premium to grab this, then saw the message about it being free. Id love to help maintain this project if at all possible, looks like a few of tyhe plugins (e.g. map) are broken at the moment.
Since this is discontinued, would it be possible to release the offsets for for this so we can compile our own mq2? This one seems a bit unstable, and crashes the client pretty often.
The whole source would need to be posted as there is so many core changes to get it to work with the old client. I'll look into getting it added to a public github.
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Thanks Fry!
I managed to reproduce the crashing issue with this version.
Client will crash when you hit enter at any time in the chat window:
Here is the debug info if anyone wants to take a crack at this issue:

Debug output spew:

[MQ2 (EqMac]CChatHook::Detour(You are out of food and drink.)

[MQ2 (EqMac]CCommandHook::Detour((null))

>>>First-chance exception at 0x50796ED7 (MQ2Main.dll) in eqgame.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000.

Call stack:

>    MQ2Main.dll!CCommandHook::Detour(EQData::_SPAWNINFO * pChar, char * szFullLine) Line 156    C++

     eqgame.dll!50749842()    Unknown

     [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for eqgame.dll]   

     dinput8.dll!6bfbdeb2()    Unknown

     dinput8.dll!6bfbd9b5()    Unknown

     dinput8.dll!6bfbda1b()    Unknown

     eqw.dll!100059df()    Unknown

     eqgame.exe!0055b595()    Unknown

     eqgame.exe!00575cc0()    Unknown

     eqgame.exe!00577e74()    Unknown

     kernel32.dll!75ce2c87()    Unknown

     eqgame.exe!005a32c3()    Unknown


        PSUB pSubLoop = pSubs;

50796ECC  mov         edi,dword ptr ds:[5084B98Ch] 

50796ED2  xor         ebx,ebx 

50796ED4  mov         dword ptr [ebp-28h],eax 

        if (szFullLine[0]!=0) {

>>>50796ED7  cmp         byte ptr [esi],bl 

50796ED9  je          CCommandHook::Detour+442h (50797242h) 


50796EDF  lea         edx,[szFullCommand] 

50796EE5  mov         ecx,esi 

50796EE7  sub         edx,esi 

50796EE9  lea         esp,[esp] 

50796EF0  mov         al,byte ptr [ecx] 

50796EF2  mov         byte ptr [edx+ecx],al 

50796EF5  lea         ecx,[ecx+1] 

50796EF8  test        al,al 

50796EFA  jne         CCommandHook::Detour+0F0h (50796EF0h) 

Code where crash occured: @ MQ2CommandAPI.cpp

        unsigned int k=0;

        bool OneCharacterSub = false;

        PALIAS pLoop = pAliases;

        PSUB pSubLoop = pSubs;

>>>        if (szFullLine[0]!=0) {



            szSubFullCommand = szFullCommand;

            for (unsigned int i=0; i < sizeof(szFullCommand); i++ )


                if (szFullCommand[i] == '%')