Mage Summoned: Molten Komatiite Orb - Nuking self


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Oct 25, 2006
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Looks like mq2bot does recognize and like to click/use the Summoned Molten Komatiite Orb. However, Every time bot clicks the orb, it targets myself first, clicks orb, and re-targets enemy. Essentially nuking myself...

Is this an easy fix, or any workaround for it? Would love to use the orb.

Edit, wanted to add item info

The orb is item ID: 106091

The clicky effect is: Spell: Activate Molten Komatiite Orb - ID 61536
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When you /loadbot, what does the Orb show up as (what option)?

Hi Htw,

Well, I literally triple checked, It actually doesn't even show up in loadbot list (with the item in inventory).

When testing out the Bot, It says "Clicking --> Molten Komatiite Orb"

My chestplate also gets clicked "Clicking --> Flameweaver Robe of Heroic Reflections" (that effect is for pet) and doesn't show up on list.

As for comparison, my bards two items in inventory come up as "ClickyNuke0" and "ClickyNuke1"

Would you recommend a way for me to debug this?

Thank you!


Someone posted this in 2021

Would be Post #7 down the list would be the exact situation I'm seeing.
Awesome! Will test and let you know after next patch. thank you :)
OK, I believe I have found it, and will have it in next release.
Well, the good news is.. I can manually use the orb now, and not nuking myself anymore! =D

The bad news is.. Bot doesn't automatically click it from inventory at all anymore.

/loadbot actually shows my Robe coming up as ClickyNuke0 now (but that's not the item in question)

Any chance It's easy to add the Molten Komatiite Orb as a clicky nuke to the bot? If It's too much of a hassle, I could even try adding it into mq2melee. I tried but I don't think i got it right. I've never used holyshits and downshits before, Maybe I just didn't turn it on?

I added this to my mq2melee section

Downshit0=/if (${Me.CombatState.Equal[COMBAT]} && !${Me.Moving} && !${Me.Invis} && ${Me.ItemReady[Molten Komatiite Orb]} && ${Target.PctHPs}<97) /useitem "Molten Komatiite Orb"