Best client to use?


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Jul 22, 2006
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I am currently playing on a server where i can use Titanium, SoD, UF, RoF2, and have been wondering which i should use, or when i should use which client. In some cases it's about the custom server and using something like titanium client to MQ2piggyzone to a zone i simply couldn't on the other clients. But i never come up with a clear answer.

Here are a few questions i've been trying to answer but so far haven't come up with much, so I turn to you all =)

1. Is there a "safer" client. As in, does ROF2 have something Titanium does/doesn't that makes detection of active hacks easier?

2. Is there a more hackable client. It could be just because developers have had more time with it, or during that phase in EQ something was just more vulnerable.

3. Is there an easier way to compare the plugins available to each client other than downloading them and opening up the directory?

4. Which client has the most support currently?

Those are just a few of my main ponderings , like i said, nothing conclusive and it's been fun to mess around. Hope to hear back from some of you all.