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    /bot and tank

    I started using a tank and /bot and it works very well... With the exception that it always uses Grappling Strike and continuously pull the mob away from camp. I see that listed Aggro3: Warlords Furry III and Grab:0 Grappling Strike when bot runs, how do I stop those? Thanks
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    Help with /bot and necro Death Peace

    Necro uses Death Peace at 60, which I have set, but immediately stands back up, then FDs again and stands up. I've actually spent a few weeks changing things around but no luck. When I look it says ImHit1 Death Peice Thanks... :) [MQ2DoCrack] Top=401 Bottom=723 Left=290 Right=437...
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    Autoskills Backstab

    Hi,,, I play a high end Rogue and use the backstab in autoskills to continuously fire backstab. I have max level and 3k AAs so I can backstab from any angle. The Autoskills has some check that only fires backstab when I'm behind the mob. I do alot of tanking now, with my Merc and am back to...
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    Bazaar Tribute finder macro

    Awhile back I DLed a macro (from here? I cannot remember) that allowed you to enter a high and low price and a ratio (like 1 to 5) between asking price and tribute value and it would search through all the vendors and alert you when it found something that matched. I have tried to search the...