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    /bot and tank

    I started using a tank and /bot and it works very well... With the exception that it always uses Grappling Strike and continuously pull the mob away from camp. I see that listed Aggro3: Warlords Furry III and Grab:0 Grappling Strike when bot runs, how do I stop those? Thanks
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    Help with /bot and necro Death Peace

    Yes, Still does the same thing... FDs then stands back up, over and over till dead... :p [MQ2Melee] ancestral=20 enrage=1 enragingkick=25 facing=1 feigndeath=60 groupcheck=1 infuriate=1 lifetap=70 melee=0 override=1 petassist=1 petenrage=1 pethot=20 petinfuriate=1 petmend=30...
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    Help with /bot and necro Death Peace

    Necro uses Death Peace at 60, which I have set, but immediately stands back up, then FDs again and stands up. I've actually spent a few weeks changing things around but no luck. When I look it says ImHit1 Death Peice Thanks... :) [MQ2DoCrack] Top=401 Bottom=723 Left=290 Right=437...
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    EQ PP sites

    I've used - - alot and never had any problems. Also they use PayPal so no credit cards involved. Always deliver within 5 - 10 mins. Skuz
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    Post your Holyshits and Downshits!

    Ya, I have that loaded otherwise the "Envenomed Blades" or "Dirty Fighting" do not work. Those two do work but the two new abilities generate the error. Skuz
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    Post your Holyshits and Downshits!

    new Rogue abilities, how to make them work? What has to be done to make these new abilities work? I'd like to get 'Bleed' and 'Pinpoint Vitals' to autofire. In my .ini file I have... holyflag0=1 holyshit0=/if (${Target.CurrentHPs}<20 && ${Target.Fleeing} && ${Me.AltAbilityReady[Ligament...
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    EQ keyboard...busted?

    Ah... This one I maybe able to answer.... On mine, it has to do, for some reason, with Windows Media Center. I read about this somewhere and tried it and it worked. I simply unpluged the USB cable that had the Media Center RF controller and I was then able to use the " and ". Skuz
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    Autoskills Backstab

    Hi,,, I play a high end Rogue and use the backstab in autoskills to continuously fire backstab. I have max level and 3k AAs so I can backstab from any angle. The Autoskills has some check that only fires backstab when I'm behind the mob. I do alot of tanking now, with my Merc and am back to...
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    Bazaar Tribute finder macro

    Awhile back I DLed a macro (from here? I cannot remember) that allowed you to enter a high and low price and a ratio (like 1 to 5) between asking price and tribute value and it would search through all the vendors and alert you when it found something that matched. I have tried to search the...
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    Rogue Needs Help

    is 'Autoskills' loaded?
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    SoF Spell merchant faction(rk 2)

    I have to laugh. On my server there almost looks like there is a waiting line at the NPC. I can just stand near him, any time of the day or night, and watch lots and lots of people pop in and out. At this rate you better get you faction before the task is nerfed. There are so many people doing...
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    /gzone into Temple of Veeshan - ToV

    Just a heads up/thought... I zoned my lower lvl toon into RSS... luckily I was grouped with a guildie... His first comment was... Hmmm, why are you GREY to me? I said... Ummm.. Sorry, gotta go, something came up.... And gated out... Heh.. Hadn't thought about how the con colors would show...
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    Anyone tried to transfer an account since the new system went into effect

    Yes, transfered a toon to a different server and different account last Thursday. I finished up the transfer, closed my browser, logged in to EQ and the toon had been transfered.. Prolly 3 - 4 minutes total.... Skuz
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    Vanilla Compile

    Works for me... Thanks!! Its worth it for the info in my HUD...! skuz