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    several toons with Raid gear/group gear

    120 Pally .................. 49k AA Tol raid ore shield, ring, face ToL raid ear , neck, range, legs, arms, boots and 1hs stein feather and horn shrink ring golden helm trophy anni dps augs $400 120 rogue...... max...
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    delete plz
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    need MQ2event help

    /happy dance yep that did it thank you so much and thanks to HTW ( stole his code)
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    need MQ2event help

    ok hacked and slashed and stole most of this but can't get it to work any help would be appreciated [died] trigger=#*#You have entered Guild Lobby.#*# command=/docommand /multiline ; /if (!${Defined[bWaitingForRez]}) /declare bWaitingForRez int global 1 ; /varset bWaitingForRez 1 ; /if /timed...
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    need MQ2event help

    I use MQ2events or MQ2react, macro could work assuming I remember to start it LOL
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    need MQ2event help

    I was doing Zlandi the other day zoned out...went to eat got sidetracked and I guess someone trained a mob to quest giver.. well few hrs later toons in lobby no corpse
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    need MQ2event help

    nope don't afk in lobby lol have a full crew of buffers
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    need MQ2event help

    seeking help making an event so if I die and don't get a rez in say 15 minutes to camp to desktop
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    115 toons

  12. Crippie

    115 Warrior max aa (very nice), 112 Bers, 110 Rng

    what gear is this warrior in? any progression?
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    115 toons

  14. Crippie

    Paladin Assistance

    IIRC should be something like AAif1=0 or AA1if=0 ..been along time
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    115 SK Max AA

  16. Crippie

    few 115 toons

  17. Crippie

    Items WTB ToV Expansion Token

    sell krono for $10 each 2 expansions lol
  18. Crippie

    Ported against will

    had the strangest thing happen the other day 1 of my toons just randomly crashed to desktop...when I logged back in was in a room with cats on the walls and floor, no exit had to campfire out.