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  1. Fry

    MMOBugs MQ2 Test Server - Latest Release

    MQ2 updated for test server patch.
  2. Fry

    Bag Sort

    Link was broken, I've fixed it up.
  3. Fry

    MQ2 AutoLogin keeps disconnecting after toon select after first or second account

    Which MQ2 emu version are you using? ROF2 Release A?
  4. Fry

    /bot and tank

    In your MQ2Bot section of your characters MacroQuest ini add in Aggroif3=0 It will disable Warlord's Furry III if it's coming up as Aggro3 on startup The grab issue I have not heard of before You could try Grabif0=0 To disable it.
  5. Fry

    mq2bot - vs bot40.mac

    I would disable the spells having troubles, see below. My character is using a clickie or using a spell I don't want it to use, how do I stop it? MQ2Bot reads what AA's/Auras/Clickies you have and what spells you have memorized to determine what the best spell to use is. The way to disable a...
  6. Fry


    I've granted you a free month to play around with things. The rule is one account per household, your welcome to let your kids use it on there computers. Welcome.
  7. Fry

    mq2bot - vs bot40.mac

    I'm happy to outlay some money towards bot40.mac development if someone wants to take over the project. It's currently unmaintained, except for really glaring bugs.
  8. Fry

    Is this allowed?

    I have granted you some free premium sub time. Everything is free on Test server if you want to /testcopy any characters and mess with it that way.
  9. Fry

    MMOBugs MQ2 Test Server - Latest Release

    MQ2 updated again for another Test server update.
  10. Fry

    MMOBugs MQ2 Test Server - Latest Release

    MQ2 updated for test patch
  11. Fry

    Plugin Overseer

    Updated for Live.
  12. Fry

    Giving away the magic sauce - mq2bot rework source code github

    MQ2BotBeta is not being worked on by anyone currently to my knowledge. Updates are being added into MQ2Bot still though.
  13. Fry


    Most common causes of lag are log files enabled on something, and there is also a report of MQ2Bot Shaman lagging somewhere in it's routine. Processing chat events in macros with a mountain load of text coming in could do this too.
  14. Fry

    Ranged attack weirdness

    Are you using MQ2Melee's /throwit command for ranged attacks? Based on MQ2Melee Wiki it will do the following. /throwit Tells the plugin to perform a single ranged attack on current target. This will use MQ2Melee's Built-In Enhanced Ranged Mode(tm)!, meaning it will do the following: 1...
  15. Fry

    Ranged attack weirdness

    Try unloading MQ2Exchange?
  16. Fry

    Bunch of plugins now free to use and all test server plugins free to use

    Hey Gang, It's been a long time since we've done this, but we have just opened up a bunch of plugins to be free to use. We've also made all test server plugins free to use for anyone who wants to try a plugin out before committing to a premium membership. Here is the current list of all free...
  17. Fry

    MQ2Navigation Back port to UF Feasible?

    MQ2Nav is in the latest update of RoF2 by Htw. Let us know how it goes. 1) Rain of Fear 2 (ROF2) Release A (new code base, MQ2Nav, etc.) Download MMOBugs MQ2 Setup - Full installer download Download MMOBugs MQ2 - Pre-compiled zip download
  18. Fry

    MMOBugs MQ2 Test Server - Latest Release

    MQ2 updated for test server patch.
  19. Fry

    Problem with MMOLoader accepting password

    The problem should be resolved now.
  20. Fry

    Problem with MMOLoader accepting password

    There was a problem with a security update with our forum software. Currently anyone who has not changed there password since we moved to a new website will need to update there password to log into MMOLoader. A more solid fix is being worked on. I'm sorry about the problem.