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    New Website

    Looking smooth! Thanks for the upgrade :)
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    [TLP] A fair warning

    This is to serve as a general warning to the community. If anyone is still using MQ2 (any form) on TLP servers you should stop immediately. If you loaded MQ2 after the recent suspension that went out you've likely already been banned. If you're coming back from a break and see this message, do...
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    Set up

    I wouldn't warp at the moment, word on the street is a 'suspension' wave went out. I can't confirm how wide spread it is or how many impacted. It's absolutely odd that they would do suspensions instead of bans for something they've historically did bans for though. Some of the information I'm...
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    MQ2Melee & Shrink

    Hmm, should work then. You confirm the item ID is correct? You could replace the /casting with /echo SHOULD SEE THIS SPAM Otherwise sorry, not sure :(
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    MQ2Melee & Shrink

    Have you tried doing: /echo !${Me.Invis} ${Me.Moving} (${Me.Height}>2.2) This should tell you which variable is the problem, my best guess is the Height OR your downshit is actually not enabled.
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    Account 3 Recruit a friend accounts (rare now)

    These do not work on TLP servers correct?
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    Cheating warning!

    Fry - It's interesting you note that you see something in the upcoming test patch. That would indicate they intend on trying to catch/ban going forward but from experience haven't they done retroactive ban waves? Curious if you see them targeting specifically the new abyss shit out there or if...
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    Any intentions of posting the source up to GitHub?
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    Guide MeshGenerator.exe tutorial dropbox link for video.

    Was just messing around with Mechanical Guardian. Anyone have experience with zones like this where in the Mesh they're pieces which must get put together at Run Time? When I create a Mesh the character won't go through any door ways beacuse they're disconnected pieces of the zone. it's hard...
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    In your Macroquest folder, check your Macroquest.ini file. See where Macros is pointing to.
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    Plugin MQ2DanNet request

    My biggest complaint with eqbc is the random disconnects and sometimes eqbc will lose connection and not actually reconnect. At one point I had edited the source to resolve that issue (basically when a ping was lost, it would immediately force disconnect and reconnect) which solved some issues...
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    Cheating warning!

    I honestly don't think their stance on MQ2 has changed really. They're not going to mass detect and mass ban for MQ2. Active hacks, they are clearly cracking down on once again. With that said, any announcement they make about what is allowed versus what is NOT allowed is generally going to be...
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    Crack downs on mq2 :(

    Is it fair to assume that whatever method they're using to detect Abyss is also going to pickup certain individuals using MacroQuest2 + Active Hacks (offered here/RGs)? Just checking out the ban posts recently out there from users here, it appears the answer is yes.
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    Cheating warning!

    Obviously you are correct, as you are the owner of MQ2 :) The only active way today that I know to get MQ2 working on TLP is cracking mq2ic and mq2main. I know folks are asking for proof but I don't think it's required given eqmule has confirmed it here.
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    Cheating warning!

    It has nothing to do with MMOBugs honestly. The problem is within MacroQuest2 core which MMOBugs is built on top of (if I am not mistaken). The same exploit has been done on MacroQuest2, RGs and MMOBugs.
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    Cheating warning!

    There are also working versions of MacroQuest2 (including RedGuides & MMOBugs) versions on TLPs as well. Not out of the box but with very slight changes. I'm guessing they're targeting these users (more specifically, TLP users in general, doesn't matter what version).
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    Cheating warning!

    Has there been any additional comments from EQMule yet?
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    Hot to make my ranger face the mob

    Could use more context but you can use: /face /face fast Face fast will basically instantly spin you to face the target, but it's also sketchy looking. /face by itself is a LITTLE more nature looking but still.
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    I’m on a plane at the moment so can’t help, but you still need to provide more information. At a minimum we need an error message but in this situation you probably need to provide more source code as well. At this point I have no idea what is not working for you.
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    Login Issues

    You should be warned, fucking with the registry settings of your computer is typically something you really don't do unless you absolutely know what you're doing. With that warning: Use regedit (you can search for it and it should pop up). On the left side of the window is like a nav bar...