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    Kronos Krono's

    Out of Stock!
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    Kronos Krono's

    Few in Stock!
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    Kronos Krono's

    Yep was out of town due to 4th of July weekend/week, should be caught up on replies to people though. Let me know if you need more still.
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    Kronos Krono's

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    mq2autologin error

    Well its happening again after I patched yesterday. Seems to happen when I open a vendor merchant window or open up the bank window. Not sure what plugin is causing the error.
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    mq2autologin error

    IGNORE, it was another plugin (not on this website) entirely that was causing it. No longer getting the error after I unloaded it.
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    mq2autologin error

    Getting this error again. No clue if its due to autologin plugin, but its happening.
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    Items Earring of Living Slime

    I'm looking for a Mosscovered Branch! Branch + Disciple of the Katori + 21 dmg aug + (max haste + speed focus disc/fists of fury II) = GG!
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    Help finding collectibles in housing

    How many items can you put in a house? I'm running out of space to store augments, and gear by levels. I usually keep a set of best in slot non-prestige gear for each 5 levels, incase I ever want to delevel and PL a toon.
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    mq2aaspend brute mode not working

    When I do /aaspend brute on It doesn't seem to be working correctly. It keeps spamming the everquest chat (not mq2chat window) with "Unable to train in ability". Surprised no one has mentioned this, unless everyone just configures what AA's they want to spend in the ini file. I actually...
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    Buying Merc AA PL

    Merc AA's work like evolving items, its not a % amount of exp given out like it is with player AA or player regular experience. So its like +1 for each exp message. So the bar might take 100 mobs to fill the AA or 200 mobs etc, regardless of how hard or trivial the mob is, as long as it gives...
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    TBL armor questions

    T3 gear is no drop item + tradeskill container. It's practically silly to buy the tradeskill container in bazaar till you are ready to make the final product. In fact the longer you wait the better, the prices will drop sharply on the player made tradeskill containers once people realize...
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    Account 110 Max AA Warrior

    If you take the time to look at his posts, he hasn't posted any valuable information since joined in 2014. Huge red flag.
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    Steam Winter Sale = ON

    I totally here you, I haven't even finished DOS2, but the 30-40 hours or so I played of it so far, has been totally worth it and I think I paid about $45 at the time. I have yet to get Witcher 3, I got a refurbished "new" gpu cause my old one crapped out, but not sure I'll buy Witcher 3 till...