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    Plugin MQ2Melee: Fundaments

    spire of the warlord - warrior spire of enchantment - enchanter spire of the savage lord - beastlord spire of the ancestors - shaman Spire of nature - druid spire of the juggernaut - berserker
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    DoD - Into the Shadows

    you also don't need to go into any zones that are staggered on the explorer list like the wedding chapels for example or instance zones
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    Account cannot be validated

    i had to log into the patcher with the accounts having that issue to get it to stop and one of them required me to add a phone number to it
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    Question for ppl running a lot of accounts on one pc

    i run 6 toons on a 1600x and rx 580 with 16 gigs of ram and get 60ish fps all the time the weirdest thing is i got a big fps gain going from 1080p to 1440p like 20 fps i some places and thats with all the graphics maxed out
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    Cheating warning!

    man i stopped using active hacks on the first ban wave but dumb asses have to ruin shit for everyone doing them on the progression servers painting a giant target on everyone
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    ya had the same issue sub ends a week before the auto sub hits just send a message to i think it was fry it was one of the mods on the forums for a refund
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    Items Earring of Living Slime

    you can buy both those items from the rare items merchant ingame Rare Items Vendor - EQ Resource - The Resource for your EverQuest needs but its random what she has
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    An Epic Retelling

    its a third ornament you can get from doing the epic request class task in a certain way its different per class you can see what they look like on the walls around the quest giver =P
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    DPS improvement thread

    beastlords blowing mana out his ass with dots not sure if it was ever fixed but mq2bot spammed beastlord dots when they refreshed try loading like 5 nukes for regular exping and keep dots for names
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    Plugin MQ2DanNet request

    a few newer written macros are switching to it apparently easier to work with then eqbc netbots
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    Up to date bone chips macro?

    no i mean you can walk up to an npc and give them 4 1k stacks of bone chips and get the faction hits for every single one no macros needed
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    Up to date bone chips macro?

    well you can just turn in full stacks of bonechips on live
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    Question Security question answer

    One of my accounts is requiring 2 factor authentication i can bypass it by skipping the patcher but i cant change the CC for billing anyone had luck petitioning to change the secret question answer all the threads i saw on here where from 10 years ago
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    Cheating warning!

    i think this is more stop being a dick and keep to yourself and we will leave you alone
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    Gotta wonder ...

    I hope when they do bring the servers down for the last time they give us some notice so that I can camp out in a safe place
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    Windows 10 and EQ

    if your using wineq2 turn off eqplaynice and turn off mq2fps my old 8350 hated those
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    Extruded Black Pearl guide

    now i just hope they don't throw down suspensions for it =D
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    Do you want to spawn a ban wave because thats how you spawn a ban wave
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    Help with a MMO setting

    ya that shit scared the crap out of me for awhile also
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    Warp status?

    i would trust warp as much as a fart when your sick