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    mq2eqbc problems

    I expect to have a new release out for my EQBCS server sometime over the next few days. Just hardening and testing some changes I've been working on recently.
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    MySEQ Open EqMule build.

    That was the case with ShowEQ, though I'd recommend a switch with port mirroring rather than a hub. This post however is about My ShowEQ which is similar, except it runs on the computer with EQ running. MySEQ could be potentially detected, while ShowEQ would be undetectable.
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    MQ2EQBC server on NAS (Synology?)

    I have a version of the EQBC server that will run on the NAS. Shoot me a PM sometime and we can work on getting that accomplished for you.
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    cannot log in

    lol, great show.
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    Google Tried to Ruin My Marriage!

    incognito is fine as long as you remember to use it. edit: As long as you don't log into your google account while in that mode!
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    Google Tried to Ruin My Marriage!

    Most browsers these days have that "private browsing" feature... That's for porn!
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    Techie Question

    Sounds like the device itself had the programming logic and stored it internally. It could then send a sequence of inputs to the computer.
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    Well, it seems like ubertrade is being killed server side now. I spent a bit of time today working on this. I was able to update the plugin for the emulator compile, but not able to get that feature working. Sorry man, seems like it's dead now.
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    MMOBugs MQ2 Installation for Emulator Clients - Problem Reports

    Take a look at this table and instead of putting the slot number like this 21_Slot=13 use the slot name instead. 21_Slot=mainhand I use twist on my bard to add in clickies on my feet and arms and it works great.
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    GPU for 6 Boxing

    EQ isn't really graphic intensive, but when loading multiple sessions, the bottleneck is often the texture cache and such. Look for a card with a decent amount of RAM and have fun. Also, yes crossfire / SLI isn't useful for boxing. It's more for running a single game at max settings. Some of...
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    Guide Request for EQBC and MQ2Bot

    Just for everyone's reference, only /bct ToonName or /bca allow slash commands to be sent. It worked in Huseng's case only because he specified the name of the character after /bc, but that's not ideal as it causes each character to process the message rather than just the intended target...
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    Rof going live on EMU, is there a build for it?

    nodoors isn't even there on live right now. There is doorsstayopen though. nostun2 is there however, and I fixed all the docracks with exception to hiderun. I'll attach the file to this post for now. In regards to docrack crashing, until I can debug this the work-around is to load EQ fully...
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    Try swapping out the server from the original to the one I wrote. It was designed specifically to solve that problem. Should be a copy of it in your MQ2 folder.
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    1 toon per core / 4 core

    The RAM she ordered is correct. If you look up your motherboard on newegg, and click on the "Specifications" tab, you will see this for supported memory. DDR3 3200(OC)/3100(OC)/3000(OC)/2933(OC)/2800(OC)/2666(OC)/2600(OC)/2500(OC)/2400(OC)/2200(OC)/2133(OC)/2000(OC)/1866(OC)/1800(OC)/1600/1333...
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    1 toon per core / 4 core

    If you look in your eqclient.ini file (found in your Everquest folder) you'll see some CPUAffinity lines. CPUAffinityX=Y Where X counts the running EQ sessions, and where Y counts your cores. Both values start the count at 0. So if you have two cores, and two characters and you want them each on...
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    Complete MQ2 Newb

    Take a look here to get some general info.
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    MATH TLO idea

    ${Math.Min[1 2 3]} returns 1 Min Max and Average is available as part of the Math TLO The same is also available in the Group TLO to return the ID of the group member that has the least or most hps. Average returns the average health of the group.
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    MATH TLO idea

    I'm pretty sure I added that to the compile already about two years back now.
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    EQBCS disconnects

    For those of you still having issues with MQ2EQBCS, consider using the version I made. It completely solves those issues.
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    Format for the EQBC Interface commands

    This problem has been identified as being caused by an older version of the EQBC Server (Not Mine). Solution is simple, use mine instead fuckers! Thanks Randyleo for taking the time to work with me to figure this out.