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    Buying EM25 Ear

    Six Krono is a good price. I will take it if the OP is no longer interested! :) Just to make sure there is no confusion: Be aware that the buyer is NOT looking for a Sage's Golden Earring - that only has EM24. He is looking for the TBL version: This one: Summoner's Descending Moon Earring ...
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    Holyflag for Rage of Rolfron clicky

    The way you have set it up, it's clicking the item whenever the item is NOT ready. Use "${FindItem[Rage of Rolfron].TimerReady}" instead of "!${FindItem[Rage of Rolfron].TimerReady}" (remove the exclamation mark. It's a negation - read as: "not")
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    Question for ppl running a lot of accounts on one pc

    There are recent reports of people having lag since the latest patch. Apparently caused by a combination of EQ log/journal settings and anti-virus software. Details found here: Lag upon mobs death. | EverQuest Forums Hope that helps!
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    Odd: account forced to change password

    Is it possible that you typo-ed your Station Name when you tried to log in? If you typo your Station Name, and the typo-version of the Station Name exists and is not active since the security break years ago, then it will ask you to reset your password, even if the password was wrong. I've had...
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    Macro Farm.mac

    MQ2Nav is not working at the moment. See the current compile thread: MMOBugs MQ2 Installation Problem Report Thread - 19 April 2018 Release
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    Question Radius Question

    What you describe seems to be working as intended. If something if 200 units above you (exactly above you), then it still has a distance of 200, not a distance of zero as you seem to expect. So if you search using "range 70", you would NOT expect to find something that is 200 units above you...
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    Multiple ConfirmationDialogBoxes

    The ConfirmationDialogBox is that little UI-box that asks you if you want to accept a rez, or if you want to join a task, or if you are sure that you want to join a group, or asks you which version of the Feerrott you want to enter. Usually, you can use "/notify ConfirmationDialogBox...
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    Account few accounts

    You should at least say what the raid items are. Are the EoK raids? T1? T2? Or just TBM raids? That makes a huge difference. Or maybe these are even older raids - making them worse than EoK group gear.
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    Items Chase Items for Sale

    Golden Soldier's Stud: 12 Krono Guardian's Pauldrons: 12 Krono Both items are the "rare" chase items having extra high-ac for their slot. Both items are on Tunare. Only Kronos, no cash. Will meet and trade in-game. (This is on hold until Daybreak fixes the current issues with Kronos poofing)
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    IslandGirls's Stuff (115 Berserker for Sale)

    Grabbed the Zerker. Very nice character! Full EoK T2 gear as promised, but the pieces of gear are not just any pieces, but the ones having the highest Heroic Dex (which is what you want as a Zerker). Also multiple weapons, and many other little things that were not expected. Thanks so much!
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    wth? getting whooped

    Are you a pet class? Beasts, Necros and Mages got nerfed. It's not on the patch notes, but here: Devs: Pets are paper on Test. Please abort patch. | EverQuest Forums
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    Question Question on PoP

    I strongly feel that you need way way more healing for PoP raids. You will need a more solid 4-7 Cleric CH chain. And some off-tank healers. Are you doing well in Velious with that force? I would be surprised if you can even take on any raid target in Kael. I think that even Derakor the...
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    MQ2Bot - Getting Character To Follow Without Sitting

    You could use AutoFollowLeader=1 in your mq2bot settings, to let the bot handle the following, instead of using /follow yourself
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    Booted while zoning since July 07-13-16 release

    Solved Solved: The problem vanished as mysteriously as it appeared. Observations: All other users having this problem originated from the same geographic region. Most likely cause: Some deep router issues. For the future: If anyone else is having this issue of frequently getting booted to...
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    Booted while zoning since July 07-13-16 release

    Thanks for the feedback, Fry. Let's see if anyone else has my issue - then we can try to see what we have in common.
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    Booted while zoning since July 07-13-16 release

    For the last few days, I'm frequently getting booted to server select when zoning. It's not a client-crash, it is more a loss of connectivity: Zoning will take about five minutes, then my character will be booted to server select, with my character still being in the world. This happens about...
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    New hot zones

    With all the flag requirements lifted already, I feel that these are all really great choices. The point of Hot Zones is not to improve the xp gain in zones where you are already leveling. The idea is to bring people to underused zones. All of these zones can support a large number of players...
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    *Rant on*

    Tech support is correct - you will not see any characters if you log in without downloading the latest patch. Interestingly enough, you can still log in with the old everquest.exe - this may indicate that rather small changes happened. Downloading the full game happens if the path that you...