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    WTS TOV Raid Loots on Non-FV live server, Anything you want.

    I'm currently selling TOV Raid Loots on Live Servers (Not FV). Here is the deal. 1. TOV Raid Ore, $100 per. Every 8 ores can be considered as a FULL SET. A FULL SET will be $700 and can be delivered in 5days. 2. Any TOV Raid Gears, basically $80 per, but this depends on RNG of raid chest loots...
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    Help on Fix a Bug of Target.MyBuff TLO

    As title, I've found a bug of Target.MyBuff that effects dot classes (point at Necro) in raid. So this TLO is a fabulous one for dot class to see if MY OWN dots on mobs or not. It can cut a load of code like scanning the debuffs 1-97 etc especially when you have multiple necros. And it works...
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    Release Thanks to MMOBugs Community, Mearatas defeated by 6.

    Though some of you may see my post in the other website, but here is my home. I've been always using our compile and will keep doing so. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the great compile including Fry, Htw, Xeniaz, Dewey, Chat and much more. Me and my fellows will always support this...
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    Items WTS Tov chase earring - EM27

    Sold, trash this plz, Ty!
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    Account WTB Raid Geared Paladin on Live Server.

    The better gear you get, the better I pay. Budget can up to $1000, pm here or discord. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk Pro
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    Macro Perfect Duck in KD mission and Cure of the Restless Ice of TOV annoying Debuff

    Here is my way to automate this and I got this work flawlessly under my setup (already got the achievements one week ago.) 1st Step, Put these in your inc file |--Group mission Events #event KDDuck "The ice encrusted Avatar of War shouts that #1# must bend the knee!" #event...
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    Buying WTB Character with Venenium

    Looking to buy some melee and hybrid dps: BER/BST/BRD/MNK/RNG with the clicky "Venenium" from TDS raid, pm if you got one please, thanks!
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    Plugin A plugin that can sort any sequence of integer number

    Ok, this botheres me for a long time, can we get a plugin that can sort any sequence of integer please? (can name it MQ2NumSort or sth..) Current Math.Min, Math.Max or using /for loop to obtain the max/min of a series numerical value, somehow I'm not only want to obtain the extreme point but...
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    Macro Claim currency on all bots

    A simple macro I wrote for convenience for multi box.. /dgae /mac pigclaim or /bcaa //mac pigclaim will claim all currency on your bots. Enjoy Sub Main /declare dummy int local /if (!${Window[InventoryWindow]}) { /windowstate InventoryWindow open /delay 20 /delay 10...
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    Plugin Can We get a TLO ${Melee.AttackKey} been added plz?

    As title said, I really wanna a TLO of ${Melee.AttackKey} to return our key for auto attack on. Now the only way to do this is via event: /melee key then write a event like "Attack key is #1#" then blahblah, so the TLO will make it much simpler. Thanks very much! K
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    Question Simple Question But I can't figure it out with MQ2Melee

    When MQ2Melee loaded, /attack off seems don't actually turn off the melee combat. What's option to change that? Or what slash command can do that please other than /keypress a (which a is my auto-attack key). thank you!
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    Macro A tip macro for raid healer, helping you set/clear the ETW.

    Say you are a healer in raid, you need put all your raid tanks who are outside of your own group to your ETW, and every time the raid tank list changed, you need wipe out it.. Manually you get bored, especially if you are boxing multiple healer... Here is the savior. | Set your XTarget...
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    Guide Basic logic of firing alliance perfectly

    Now I will to share this logic instead of the code directly so everybody can enjoy the the fun of writting macros yourself lol.. The Logic is assign every toon a number among same class, Say you boxing 3 zerkers, flag them as 0,,1,,2, also make a event of alliance dmg been triggered, declare a...
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    Question Item disappear after hours when /bandolier or /exchange

    I'm having this weird bug right now. I'm using /bandolier to activate my range throw/bow item for pulling, and after couple hours, my tank range item(which is higher AC item I prefer to bandolier back when I'm actually melee combating ) and even shield will disappear eventually. And once I...
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    Kronos 50 Kronos $375 bundle sale

    Title says it all. Only in one bundle. Any server, can do multiple trade or parcel. Paypal FnF only. PM here or discord.
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    Question MQ2Autologin mess up the eqclient.ini

    I found that no matter how I set the launch delay between clients, the autologin sometimes seems mess up the eqclient.ini. Seems like it occasionally call the origin eqclient.ini and like all my settings before are never existed. Any clues? Thanks
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    Buying WTB Top End Warrior

    Looking for a top end warrior to perfect my raid crew. What I'm looking for is a tank with full ROS RAID geared(or at least EOK/ROS Raid Mixed, I value more if the shield is ROS RAID), and the augs as following(you don't need to have them all, it's just a huge bonus) 1. Artisan Prize (TS) 2...
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    Guide End of Empire, ROS Skyfire Mission Guide

    This mission has been a main roadblock for the end zone of ROS aka Veeshan's Peak. I've beaten it by 6box group geared toons multiple times and been able to finish the whole ROS (all mercenary, partisan, challenge and hunter) in a month. Here is a guide to help those stuck on this difficult...
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    Plugin Permanent Buff from Seb HH BP

    The BP from HH seb have some serious exploit on it. Short version: the prolonged spell/aa effect seemed to be coded wrong. It will prolonged the effect to 81 hours. For example, Druid BP said “prolong the black wolf effect by 2 ticks “ but when you click black wolf when you wearing that bp...
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    Guide Extraordinary AC Items of ROS Tier2

    You prolly noticed that there are a few ROS tier2 items have unusual HIGH AC. Here is the list so your tank can grab them: 1. Ring Hissilith's Bone 231AC (The tank rare ring is 238ac as comparison and all other t2 are 185ac, that is 46 HIGHER) Drop info: Hissilith, the Brittlebones in...