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    Moving forward

    Enchanter can mez in fire fight. At 115, it was trivial for my group, I just deflection on my paladin and enchnter mezzes.
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    Daybreak Expanding

    They acquired Cold Iron Studios and the new alien game New Alien Game Will Still Happen Thanks To EverQuest Developer
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    Plugin Overseer

    Currently, on some accounts, it will do a rare conversion where there is not 2+ of rare toon. It does this only when there is a common conversion and uncommon conversion being done.
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    Plugin Overseer

    I think pause until the reward window opens again should work if it fails to pop the merc should work. As at that time it will be looking to collect.
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    Plugin Overseer

    It should be an option to toggle on and off to have merc popped if in combat. If you are in combat or full group, then I would see it claiming the reward rather than holding unless it is easy to place a hold on it to allow the user to sit long enough to be out of combat and allow for merc to...
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    Plugin Overseer

    Would it be possible to add a pop your merc for collecting character experience as a reward option for the little merc aa you get from it?
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    Plugin Overseer

    This looks pretty awesome.
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    Raids that can be Boxed with 2 groups

    I think he is referring to the corrupted temple of veeshan.
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    Plugin Overseer

    I would pay $20 for this.
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    Raids that can be Boxed with 2 groups

    Raid Expedition: Temple of Fear's Fall The first event was easy but having trouble with the ice and push back from the other dragons. Any advice to get too s down and engaged after the tank runs down to directional set the dragon to have the push back into cubby. Currently using core.mac and...
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    Thinking About Coming Back after 12 years

    Mq2eqwire really helps with CPU resources. It is a great plugin that I would recommend using.
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    Crack downs on mq2 :(

    I would not use fartaunt Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    best 6 box group makeup

    6 beastlords because beastmaster was an awesome movie. Seriously, it comes down to play style and gear. Melee can look very botted depending on the macros used. Tank, shaman, bard and 3 zerkers would put out lot of dps. Missing a cleric but can always Merc for buffs. Tank, cleric, enchanter...
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    Macro GroundGrab.mac

    Thanks it works awesome Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Can this be updated to collect Corn Rose in Oceangreen Village or Oceangreen Hills?
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    Question Is there a modified version of modbot to support giving pets summoned weapons?

    Core Mac does hand pets weapons. It is also on mq2 site. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Account 108 Warrior

    That sucks Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Need help on Atrebe group task in Kor-Sha zone

    I went to the room beside the portal. It is important to have mobs slowed in the fight. If you are in back of the room, you will not aggro named when he spawns on death of golem. If you have a chanter, it is easy to ensure mobs are slowed and you can punt the golem into the back wall. You...
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    Best Group Combination

    Only if it is fighting ninjas Funny FedEx Commercial - Bear, hunter, ninja - YouTube Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk