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  1. homeydc29

    Service Power lvl Rathe Server

    still available?
  2. homeydc29

    Buying WTB power level and gear rathe

    I have a warrior 50% into lvl 109 I would like to get to level 110 and get outfitted with the newer tbl gear t2 or higher please. inbox me if interested :)
  3. homeydc29

    Rogue not assisting

    something to add iam having the same issue turning off ass didnt make any difference however, if i type /bot off my rog will then run up to the target and begin attacking as normal
  4. homeydc29

    what happened to mq2?

    i feel foolish, i fixed it in a matter of seconds. thanks for your time and patience when i saw the disclaimer with the red words i thought to myself "pfff of course i trust these guys!" and clicked accept without and hesitation.
  5. homeydc29

    what happened to mq2?

    ive been looking all over the forums trying to find information on the latest patch that changed mq2, nothing is working for me any longer. iam very confused and dont know how to resolve any problems. getting couldn't open macro file c:/change_me/macros/zbot.mac and couldn't open macro...
  6. homeydc29

    MQ2Melee Updates For Expansions

    New rogue mq melee spam abilities Incursion Hate Override: 874 1: Backstab Attack for 2498 with 10000% Accuracy Mod Recourse: Aggravated Incursion Mana / End:602 Target:Single Incursion Rk. II Hate Override: 918 1: Backstab Attack for 2623 with 10000% Accuracy Mod Recourse: Aggravated...
  7. homeydc29


    with a cleric rog shmn all lvl 100 raid geared 7kish aa i boxed my way thru the zone with minimal problems..the mobs cast a agro motifier witch can be a pain without a cleric or real tank. some mobs have an agro lock that lasts a couple ticks witch can make pulling slightly tricky at times.not...
  8. homeydc29

    MQ2Melee (RoF T3 Update Skills)

    rogue skill Thief's Vision Rk. II fires fine however the rank 3 raid version isnt firing yet. if is a problem on my end can someone inbox me the fix? Thief's Vision Rk. III
  9. homeydc29

    COTF Worth It?

    my feelings so far about the expansion: i feel that the merc gear that you get in this expansion is downright laughable. the merc AAs are super basic almost like AAs in monster missions. raid gear has better heroics rogues sustained dps is nicely increased Zerker sustained increased new AAs...
  10. homeydc29

    Best way to gear up in COTF?

    when you do the heroic missions at a certain point you will get a emote across your screen that says something to the effect of "you notice a shimmer of light from the corner of your eye. this will signal that 2 things have happened. 1 or more nammeds from the normal zone have spawned in your...
  11. homeydc29

    MQ2Melee (RoF T3 Update Skills)

    theives vision is the upgrade to theives eyes for rog this added to mq melee would help alot Thief's Vision Rk. II 5: Increase Chance to Hit by 5% with All Skills 8: Increase Accuracy by 240% Mana: 0 Endurance Cost: 185 Skill: Offense Casting Time: Instant Recast Time: 1.5...
  12. homeydc29

    a legitimate rog burn order

    in my tests ive found frenzied stabbing and twisted to come in darn close to eachother on parses while rogues fury is running eradicators seems a bit lower. so that being said i use rogues fury with frenzied stab then when stabby wears off i use twisted till rogues fury drops upon rogues fury...
  13. homeydc29

    Smartphone - data usage?

    i 2 box with my 4G wifi hotspot thingy, i was nervous it wouldnt be good enuff too play EQ on but i tried it one day when my net was down hhehe , next thing you know iam 2 boxin with it without a roblem i also raid with it quite often.
  14. homeydc29

    Smartphone - data usage?

    i 2 box with my 4G wifi.
  15. homeydc29

    What to add

    line up well ive had excellent results with a rog for dps and i also have a necro for ranged dps, the necro dps AAs were much faster too get than the rogue. the rog required several more too be at max. both char types run very smoothely with little or zero human interaction.