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  1. turboeq

    trades skills HoT

    Any 1 have any info on ts armor for HoT or a link or just any thing at all thanx.
  2. turboeq

    ? about gzone in underfoot

    can you gzone into a zone your not flagged for like LC and then lock your self into the zone ?
  3. turboeq

    looting ?

    Is there any way to loot a corpse from like halfway accrossed a zone ?
  4. turboeq

    help plz with afkcleric macro

    How the can i turn off the spam in groupchat so it does not tell every heal the cleric is casting have try and try to fix it is driving me nutz some 1 plz help thanx here is the macro. |**---------------------------------------------------------- AFCleric.mac Run the macro with Main Tank...
  5. turboeq

    mob lvls

    Is there a way to target a mob and tell what lvl it?
  6. turboeq

    ? about mq2melee

    i have searched but i do see how to turn taunt off when using mq2melee could some tell me how please thanx.
  7. turboeq

    computer cpu ?

    Ok heres my ? do i have reformat harddrive if i change cpu from a intel core duo to a intel core 2 quad?
  8. turboeq

    New harddrive ?

    ? is can any sugguest a good brand of harddrive to use. thanx in advance for any help.
  9. turboeq

    underfoot ?

    Could some tell me where i can check to see if i got into beta underfoot plz thanx.
  10. turboeq

    ? about aa abilitys

    Ok where do i find an aa ability number like beastlord has the aa ability feral roar and that aa has a number where do i find the number for it ? Thanx for any help.
  11. turboeq

    audio triggers need help

    Ok heres my problem none of my wav sound are showing in the audio triggers window all the trigger set folders show up but does not show me any sounds in the folders can any 1 help plz. Thanx in advance for any help.
  12. turboeq

    need advice on faction

    Whats the fastest way to get faction with dragorns in oldblodfields have killin mobs for a week now and faction is still the same any 1 got any help on what i should do ?
  13. turboeq

    need some computer help

    i just got gigabyte motherboard and winxp wont load but it will still load if i use my old motherboard i call gigabyte tech support they said i have to rein stall winxp but the my computer came with it already installed and there is no way for me to get a recovery disk can any offer some help...
  14. turboeq

    cleric weapon ?

    Ok looking for a good cleric dps weapon a weapon for a 78 cleric dont care about stats just want to do as much damage as possible thanx for any help.
  15. turboeq

    just a little help with macro

    I want to add a this to a macro /keypress any number want to use and have it do it every 55 mins to rebuff myself. nothing to hard but is consusing to me. thanx for any help
  16. turboeq

    getting new pc have ?

    How much ram will i need to run 4 accounts at the same time and video card any suggestions will help thanx in advance for any help.
  17. turboeq

    trouble with MMOLoader

    Ok useing my laptop winxp home can load mmoloader is telling me it cann't find precedure entry point freelib could not be located in the dynamiclink library MQ2MMOBugs.dll can any 1 help ? thanx
  18. turboeq

    crashing problem

    Ok well on my desktop computer eq keeps crashing every 30 mins or so someone told me i should delete some .ini file in my eq folder cann't remember the name but any way i don't have any trouble with my laptop so it has to be some thing with my desktop computer any help would great. Thanx in...
  19. turboeq

    foraging ?

    Can you target foraged items gank them from any where in zone or target them and run and get them ?
  20. turboeq

    new expansion SoD ?

    can you buy it in stores or is it only download i/m looking to buy a code key can any 1 help ?