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    A macro to spawn your bots (zippzippemu)

    To use this macro you'll either need to create and configure Bots.ini yourself, or spawn the bots manually. Once your bots are spawned, /mac botspawn TRUE will save your bots to the ini for you automatically. After the first run you can just /mac botspawn and be on your way. Enjoy. NOTE: Macro...
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    Crash Fix

    For those of you that were having crashing instances (directx crashes), particularly in raid instances, you will find that if you have mq2eqbugfix loaded the crashes will stop. Also, thanks to htw for getting that fix in the compile so quickly!
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    Scam alert: Warrrules74

    This is an unfortunate situation where one of our own members has not been playing nicely with others. I hesitate to even post this at all, but I felt it necessary to prevent those of you who have had him log in on their accounts over the past few months from getting hit in the crossfire...
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    Server Merger INI fix

    For those of you affected by the server merger and need a solution so you don't have to manually rename all of your INI files from both the everquest directories and also MQ2 directory, use the attached program. Note, this program will also rename files in subdirectories that match the search...
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    Innerspace EQBC plugin

    I've been contemplating making an EQBC plugin for InnerSpace so you can communicate with your EverQuest friends via boxchat while playing other games. If there's interest in this, I will take some time to work on such a plugin. It would also be a method to allow InnerSpace to communicate with...
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    MQ2Melee & bards

    I have been working with HTW for the past few days to iron out some new functionality for the MQ2Melee plugin, and I think that the new changes are ready for release. The features implemented include Selo's Kick from the new Underfoot expansion, along with changes to make MQ2Melee behave better...
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    BoxTeam macro

    This macro is what I used when I am boxing multiple characters. I've provided some examples to get you started, but I think most of it is fairly self explanatory. Here's the code. I've also attached the macro to this post. | ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **...
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    EQBCS Problem

    Not sure the exact cause, but I'm using EQBC along with NetBots and NetHeals. I am hosting the EQBCS on the same computer, and use the launcher to start it. Seems to be more common if there are more players on box chat. I typically have 6-12 people on at any given time. The problem is the...