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  1. DemonH2

    What have you punks been up?

    So many familiar people around that I haven't talked to in 5ever.
  2. DemonH2

    Sell Macro

    I used to have a sell macro that I can't find anymore. Basically just want it to sell everything in my bags. Anyone know where I can find this?
  3. DemonH2

    Controversial Discussion - Abortion

    Ok Ok, joke too far
  4. DemonH2

    Can anyone throw me a revolution tt invite?

    I would appreciate it. Just PM me and I will send you my E-mail. Thanks guys.
  5. DemonH2

    AASpend Question

    I know at some point htw said you make brute ignore tabs like: None|Archetype|Class|Special But I can't seem to get that functionality to work. When I save the ini and load, it overwrites that part with the default option.
  6. DemonH2

    AASpend Issue

    It's not buying most of the stuff on the list. It also has added a "Bad_Index" section, what could this be? I do know for sure it is skipping over the first 2. 4-8 is already bought but I know it is skipping 9 10 and 11 as well. TypeOrder=General|Archetype|Class|Special 1=Destructive Fury|18...
  7. DemonH2

    RAF Question

    I just created a new account from an existing account using RAF. I bought the expansion and signed up for a sub on the new account, but it didn't give me the free month on the recruiting account. Does it only count after the first PAID month? Or should it be working on the free month that comes...
  8. DemonH2

    Task Time remaining via macro

    VillageIdiot and I just spent a good amount of time figuring out how to view/use task time remaining in macros. Here is how you do it. To get a read-out of how much time the task has left: ${Window[TaskWnd].Child[TASK_TaskList].List[1,3]} 1 is the task number(usually it's going to be 1 as you...
  9. DemonH2

    SK and Monk help

    I have a SK and Monk, level 90 now, with about 1500 AAs a piece. The problem is, I don't know the best ways to maximize sustained DPS, or in the case of the SK, the best ways to mitigate damage. Can anyone tell me what discs/spells they use for these classes? Holyshits/downshits would be even...
  10. DemonH2

    When did Microsoft become AOL?

    Just a heads up for Xbox Live users. After they increased the yearly sub from 50 to 60 they made a BRILLIANT marketing plan. I like to call it the "AOL" method of keeping customers. In order to keep customers, they make it near impossible for you to cancel. The old links to which you could...
  11. DemonH2

    Need the help of an artist please :D

    I don't really have anything to offer other than gratitude, but I would like some help. I basically just need a logo made/drawn. The name of my band is "Odd Television" and it needs have those words in there. As for the picture itself creativity is welcome, as I have none. If anyone can/will...
  12. DemonH2

    EQ Issue, Start lagging after killing many mobs.

    I am having an issue where I will have a delay when I engage a mob. The game entirely freezes for a second. This only happens after i've killed a ton of mobs, the more mobs I've killed the more it lags. If I reboot EQ, it fixes it. This is more than likely an EQ issue and not a MQ one, but I...
  13. DemonH2

    MMOBugs webcam fun.

    Having a lot of fun with the webcams in #MMOBugs chat. Here are the highlights! Kodilynn saying hello Your lord and master Fry
  14. DemonH2

    Improved Pull Macro

    All of the Pull macros are very old, and I couldn't get them to work worth a flip for me. So I built an entirely new one from the ground up that is working perfectly. The ONLY thing this macro does, is targets the closest NPC, runs to it, attacks until it has aggro, runs back to camp, kills...
  15. DemonH2

    New MMO

    I need a new MMO. I've only ever played EQ and WoW. I would like the best of both worlds, a easy/action packed game, and a community with a combined IQ > a toaster. If you know one that fits, please let me know. Thanks
  16. DemonH2

    Christmas light debate!

    My wife and I butt heads every year around Christmas time. She has boobies so clearly she wins, but I want other people's opinions. I personally think Christmas lights shouldn't exist unless they are colorful. I have a big heaping bag of hatred and fuck youness for plain white lights. If you...
  17. DemonH2

    Verizon Droid Phones

    Going to get some soon for me and my wife. My wife prefers touch screens, i can go either way. I want either the Droid 2 or the HTC Droid Incredible. She wants either the Droid X or the HTC Droid incredible. Whats the best in yall's opinion, and what should i get/what should she get...
  18. DemonH2

    Halloween Pumpkin Thread

    Any of you guys do any cool pumpkins?My wife did this last year, and I enjoy seeing them. So share!. Edit*: I originally said i carved said pumpkin, however ,, twas not I.
  19. DemonH2

    Anyone want to guess which one you would "find success" with?

    *Hint* It is NOT the lesbian on the right.
  20. DemonH2

    Fkin Vroom

    Yay! I rules!