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    Multiple ConfirmationDialogBoxes

    The ConfirmationDialogBox is that little UI-box that asks you if you want to accept a rez, or if you want to join a task, or if you are sure that you want to join a group, or asks you which version of the Feerrott you want to enter. Usually, you can use "/notify ConfirmationDialogBox...
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    Items Chase Items for Sale

    Golden Soldier's Stud: 12 Krono Guardian's Pauldrons: 12 Krono Both items are the "rare" chase items having extra high-ac for their slot. Both items are on Tunare. Only Kronos, no cash. Will meet and trade in-game. (This is on hold until Daybreak fixes the current issues with Kronos poofing)
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    Booted while zoning since July 07-13-16 release

    For the last few days, I'm frequently getting booted to server select when zoning. It's not a client-crash, it is more a loss of connectivity: Zoning will take about five minutes, then my character will be booted to server select, with my character still being in the world. This happens about...