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  1. neomatrix

    buddy list

    Can t we have a plug with a sound and a text in the chat windows when a friend from buddy list just log on ? like in wow ?
  2. neomatrix

    necro maccro

    Hello, can someone make me a necro maccro please ?? Just send pet, cast self buff and Dot-lifetap the mob and FD thanks :)
  3. neomatrix


    i see in game when i load MQ2 ''the ability to zone without requirement is off'' how can i load it please ? what s the command ? thanks
  4. neomatrix

    Question about the UI helper

    i have several little help on the top of the screen like hp/mana regen , the curently target and his loc, my loc , fps .... anyone know how can i remove or move this ??
  5. neomatrix

    DoDh mission

    someone know if there is any way to get a mish without did the one before, for example i ve never did the 70.4 but i want to do the 70.5 only.anyone know ?