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  1. burntbulb

    TorrentDay Invite

    what stuff do you seed and where did you get it? I used revtt for a while but I needed to boost my seeding stuff so I attempted to download stuff from other open torrent sites but some how during the process I was discovered. One day my Internet wouldn't work and I was given a number to call. I...
  2. burntbulb


    I started with PoP release and didn't use mq2 or anything until much later.... They introduced a lot of nice things since then but also slipped in other areas. I do recall when the tutorial was a separate game, actually cant you still play that escape to norath or what ever... I recall killing...
  3. burntbulb

    any ideas on 12th ann?

    the map i uses has 5 selections to change the color of the background, light/dark parchment, white, black, and transparent. i love it for when some maps have light lines or dark ones. i belive the one i use is this one here
  4. burntbulb

    Off the wall Question...

    i wish you the best of luck with all your efforts. i don't have any children of my own yet and had always imagined i'd have one by the time i was 30, but that didn't happen. my current girl has stopped taking the pill so so we are officially trying now. she already has a girl from before we met...
  5. burntbulb

    Movies Online

    i dont know what tier 2 or 3 marketing is but id be interested in online movies... i have a netflix account but it takes so long before the movies are available as instant streaming i have forgotten what ones i wanted to see... lol not really but it is a long wait. i did do the torrent thing...
  6. burntbulb

    Very touching story from AI

    i have heard there was some controversy about this guy. apparently some people are accusing him of using his wife to be to get some sympathy points. if he really was just two months from the wedding after waiting nearly 2 years of a self imposed waiting period in my opinion it was as good as...
  7. burntbulb

    Double Station Cash weekend coming up )

    this totaly sux for me, i just bought the sc to purchase hot last tuesday and spent it that day...
  8. burntbulb

    tech question

    i have a Samsung blue-ray player that i picked up on black Friday... it wasn't a black Friday sale item but it was suppost to be $168.00 but the printer did not print the 1 on the sticker... there were 2 on the shelf with the same sticker. My gf works at wal-mart so i offered a woman $10 if she...
  9. burntbulb

    ATK and Loot, rinse and repeat

    im just now getting back into eq (i dont yet know how much). i dont know what all has changed in these past months but i did have mq2melee set up to do just what your asking for. i set up holy-shits/flags and even set up an alias command to toggle all the applicable holy-shit/flags with one...
  10. burntbulb

    Anger of the Nine Hells!

    ive been watching Naruto myself... personally been watching it at and can hardly wait till Thursdays for the next episode... i havnt been as big a fan to even know the difference between the different sub companies or...
  11. burntbulb

    Target Autoswitch?

    you may want to ask that question on the boards where you got your gk plugin.
  12. burntbulb

    Making mercs heal smarter

    is it just me or dont they have a limit to the number of spells you can have blocked? i cant seem to add any more after having added all the clarity line/mage rod line (single and ae have to be added separately) there are still a few others id like to have added before even considering this..
  13. burntbulb

    Zones like Mech Guardian

    i thought OMM's (classic missions) were a stand alone thing they added.. prior to UF but not part of any specific expansion.
  14. burntbulb

    What not to do when using MQ2 aka, how not to look like a newb.

    ive accidentally done several of these things.. sent commands in tells or something to some one .. i panicked and /q but in hindsight its better to play it off like you were asking a question like .. i saw some type that, do you know what its suppose to be? and yes it seems lot of newer...
  15. burntbulb

    Newbie - few questions!

    there are several ways to attack new targets... one method i use is holyshits/downshits these are conditions used by mq2melee. an example of the ones i use are: downshit6=/if (!${Me.Invis} && !${Me.Feigning} && ${Me.CombatState.Equal[COMBAT]} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} &&...
  16. burntbulb

    Looking for a Pull Plugin, does it exist?

    I have a steam bomb, but the recast on it sux, using potions on every pull could get expensive ... is there a monk usable unlimited invis click with shorter recast?
  17. burntbulb

    mq triggers

    im no plugin writer but im sure it wouldnt be too difficult to modify or simply create a plugin for pc deaths. i use MQ2SpawnMaster (i think this is the one that i use, not on my gaming pc atm, and not home...) for notifications of some mob spawns and i get information when they are slain as...
  18. burntbulb

    Possible New Plugin??

    it already does this, i use it on all my toons with with the emerald jungle thing or what ever..
  19. burntbulb

    Whats wrong with this?

    this works great for me. well actually its part of the set of downshits i use when soloing mostly .. here it is paired with my auto loot ones, been meaning to get arround to incorporating the mq2advloot but works as is.
  20. burntbulb

    Intimidation? Broken?

    i have intimidate enabled with mq2melee and have had for a very long time on my monk, yet the skill still isnt even maxed yet, i often see messages about needing a target to intimidate or you cant intimidate your self,.... i think part of it is you have to be very close to the mob for it to...