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  1. DemonH2

    Question WHAT'S UP MEN

    Hahaha are you really pretending like you aren't about to come buy up half an army. You gotta be the only Saudi prince with a mullet though.
  2. DemonH2

    What have you punks been up?

    That does count, it's a noble deed that you are doing.
  3. DemonH2

    What have you punks been up?

    So many familiar people around that I haven't talked to in 5ever.
  4. DemonH2

    McDonalds, Minimum Wage Budget

    to be fair, I haven't spent a single cent on heating the last two months. cooling on the other hand...
  5. DemonH2

    What Car Do You Drive?

    Dodge Nitro is roomy, cheap, and much easier to park than my challenger. Plus I like the looks (which some probably won't) I have had 2 VWs and they both broke more than they drove. I've kind of swore them off.
  6. DemonH2

    Should marijuana be legal?

    I've seen cheeseburgers destroy more lives than MJ.
  7. DemonH2

    EXP Message On Screen

    Your chat box is dead center of your screen? What?
  8. DemonH2

    Cut or uncut?

    Show how our penises have changed in the last 10 years, and I might show some concern about the data.
  9. DemonH2

    Cut or uncut?

    I cut, for a few reasons. 1.) I am cut, and very glad I am. 2.) The phrase "that penis looks weird because it is circumcised" has never been uttered in the history of language. You are kidding yourself if you think that being uncircumcised won't hurt your chances of having sex in the US. I...
  10. DemonH2

    Zippzipp's Funland - Beta

    Yes but he is transferring to a much better server, so never fear.
  11. DemonH2

    basic afk xp macro that works on zippzipp's emu

    An amazing program for boxing, lets you control several toons at once...
  12. DemonH2

    MMOBugs guild on Zippzipp's Funland Beta

    (take a guess at the name) MyLordAndMaster?
  13. DemonH2

    MMOBugs guild on Zippzipp's Funland Beta

    I'm having fun with it. Rolling through bosses with my personal army.
  14. DemonH2


    I am all for Piracy. I know pirates get an extremely bad rep, but they are extremely honorable people. Codes that run deep. A hard days work put in every single day. Maintaining the ship, swabbing the poop deck, fighting the horrible effects of scurvy. It's a pirates life for me.
  15. DemonH2

    Zippzipp's Funland - Beta

    This server has turned me into the official MMOBugs sugar daddy
  16. DemonH2

    Zippzipp's Funland - Beta

    You can fix zone connections yourself? Or do you mean server side?
  17. DemonH2

    Sell Macro

    I used to have a sell macro that I can't find anymore. Basically just want it to sell everything in my bags. Anyone know where I can find this?
  18. DemonH2

    Wal-Mart to Hire Vets, Buy American

    Costco pays on average $15 an hour, maintains prices as low as walmart, and makes a killer profit. It is non unionized. The CEO just doesn't believe in greed, and the people of wall street HATE him. It can be done. I am not sure how corporations have managed to make so many of you fight to take...
  19. DemonH2

    Falcons Vs 49'ers

    I gotta say 49ers have this after the 49ers performance.
  20. DemonH2

    Sandy Hook Conspiracy

    It was debunked by some dude on Reddit, here is his post: