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    Plugin MQ2MoveUtils

    I box a monk and rogue for dps. Rogue is set behind, monk is set !front. Whenever the monk steals aggro, they both immediately begin the circle dance around the mob. My stick section for my MQ2MoveUtils.ini is below. DelayStrafe is on and the min/max delays are set, yet they're still dancing...
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    MQ2 Melee (CoTF)

    Can we get this added for warriors? Brand new ability. With extension can be run full time. Make the toggle so it fires if you have above X% endurance. [40000/15527] No Time to Bleed Classes: WAR/96 Skill: Defense Endurance: 819 Target: Self Beneficial: Blockable Casting: 0s, Recast: 5m...
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    The Order of Three (CoB raid)

    Any tips for dealing with Carnifex. My guild kills Archon, then Official but when we move over to kill Carnifex, we don't last long. Is there anyway to avoid the mana drain without running away? Clerics are running out of mana quickly and tanks die soon after. Sucks to spend all that time...
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    Just breaking in SS now and getting hung up on Lawman during phase 2. Any tips for dealing with him and his viral dot?
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    Kroak's Netbots

    Anyone out there have a compiled version of Kroak's netbots plugin for this latest MMO release? Visual Studio 2010 is giving me fits. PM me if you can help pls.