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  1. Blitzkrieg

    Account WTB Max AA TBL Shaman

    - delet plz
  2. Blitzkrieg

    Plugin MQ2HUD & MQ2Targets requests

    MQ2HUD Is it possible to incorporate the function $arr used in MQ2Targets so that we can display the same list in MQ2HUD's section as it would show on MQ2Targets? Would it be possible to use the target list to referece with for /targ? MQ2Targets Allow a toggle that can be saved to char.ini's...
  3. Blitzkrieg

    Items Earring of Living Slime

    Got one, please disregard!
  4. Blitzkrieg

    Service TDS raid achievements

    Curious if anyone can complete the TDS raid achievements in Arx?
  5. Blitzkrieg

    Buying Merc AA PL

    Coming back to game playing a fresh (non Heroic) DRU, and am looking into possible PLing. Seeing as how there are numerous PL and gearing services, I'm wondering if there is a Merc AA PLing service out there. Not interested in FV, this is a non-FV toon. Currently on Bristlebane!
  6. Blitzkrieg

    Service WTB PL FV

    Found service, trash!
  7. Blitzkrieg

    Question Targeting

    Sometimes I'll click something, not the intended target, and it takes mashing the ESC key to finally stop targeting that selection. What causes the bot to get hung up on a target? Is it possible to completely remove the targeting portion? I have setting the XTarget1 to Group <role>'s Target and...
  8. Blitzkrieg

    Question Computer workstations/ L or U shaped

    Looking for a new desk. Currently using a workstation by TBC Consoles as at the time they had the best monitor mounting for my setup. Looking into either a L or U shape setup. Prefer a U shape. Not looking for traditional style, definitely modern, with legs or cross bar support underneath for...
  9. Blitzkrieg

    Question Best stat helm without a graphic/invisible

    What's the highest stat helm that has no graphic? I'm talking similar to the LDoN/Velious/PoP helms that you could convert to be graphic-less.
  10. Blitzkrieg

    Plugin Request - Force showing ERU hoods with no show helmets

    Tala moana warriors Would like to request a plugin or something that will automatically force showing ERU helmets with show helmet off. Also, your robe hood appears dyed to other clients. This would be a nice feature to carry as well. Currently when zoning with hiding helmets, your ERU will...
  11. Blitzkrieg

    Request for a batch or script to swap INI

    Greetings, Does anyone have a script or batch file that will allow renaming of ini files? For example, when using a Potion of Amnesia, I'm looking for something quick that will swap all existing relative configurations over to new name or server. I'm mostly on FV so server rarely changes. My...
  12. Blitzkrieg

    Buying FV PL

    FV AA PL Need a PL on some chars. Right now just looking at NEC.
  13. Blitzkrieg

    Question Cherry MX switches and you

    So I just went from a Cherry MX Silent (Corsair RGB Strafe) to a Cherry MX Red (Corsair K95) with WASD red o-rings. So far it's been decent, not used to the break in process of seating the rings. Been having to mash some of the outer unused keys to get their actuation in line with the middle...
  14. Blitzkrieg

    Macro lower level HA macs for fresh heroics

    Anyone have any HA macros they'd share/sell that will work for heroic chars?
  15. Blitzkrieg

    Question mq2bot clr and wiz oom

    WIZ and CLR are always low on mana. I've shuffled the gems around and still they are just chugging mana down. I have an ENC in the group who always seems to be full. HME doesn't seem right compared to player parties ... these are on fresh heroic chars.
  16. Blitzkrieg

    Question RNG hate & WAR melee profile TBM

    Got my 3 box geared out and was testing around in Sul Vius and Crypt of Sul using MQ2Bot and some melee shits. Things I noticed... 1. BRD mezzing seems spotty or mobs are highly resistant in TBM? I'm using the UseMez=1 from MQ2Bot with Wave of Torpor and Slumber of Silisia. 2. Can someone...
  17. Blitzkrieg

    Macro iso HA macro war/brd/rng/dru

    Looking for a HA macro that will support a WAR, BRD, RNG and possibly DRU.
  18. Blitzkrieg

    Question How to play NEC

    How do you play a NEC at end game? Currently 105, max AA for TDS. Looking for a dumb shit breakdown of what I do... What are the three pets 100-105? Which one do I use? What spells should I have on my hotbar? What AAs abilities? I need the break down. It's hard coming back to a boosted char...
  19. Blitzkrieg

    Macro SpellsToBuy.mac

    is this macro supposed to automatically buy missing spells with a merchant window open? it just lists out the missing spells, but does nothing after and never ends. is this broken or am i missing a parameter? i just run /mac spellstobuy
  20. Blitzkrieg

    Question WHAT'S UP MEN

    GREETINGS CHURLS I'm thinking about hopping back on in game, and want to play a Dark Elf Shadowknight for now just cause. Curious what your recommendations are on high pop servers since I'll have no friends and be a lowbie. I LOVE MEN