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    MQ2Nav capability

    Just wondering can MQ2Nav be added to the ROF2 build or is that not possible. Thanks
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    Legends of Norrath shutting down

    Legends of Norrath Closure Notification 2016-06-17 12:00:00 For the past nine years, EverQuest and EverQuest II players have interacted with the world of Norrath through the Legends of Norrath Trading Card Game. Many of you have enjoyed its art, its strategic gameplay, and hopefully found that...
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    Safety Plugin

    would it be possible for a plugin like MQ2PCSafety to be updated for a custom Radius/Zradius instead of zone wide?
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    MQ2Bot Healing

    is there any way to debug what's up with healing on Rof2 using mq2bot? Here's the current situation, on PEQTGC... newbie group. scribed the healing spells on both shaman and cleric. Shaman will heal (salve) Cleric refuses (minor healing) Occasionally casters and/or melee also refuse to...
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    MQ2Bot Rof2 help

    MQ2Bot isn't currently writing to characters .ini files so it doesn't appear to be functional right now :confused:
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    Don't know what it entails, would it be possible to get the AggroHolder TLO added to RoF2? ex. ${Target.AggroHolder.ID}
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    Inventory Full Syntax

    anyone know the syntax to check if your inventory is full? I am running mq2bot and want to run a macro/downshit/event something of that sort to switch looters if the primary looter is full. /bct toonname //bot lootradius=50 would be the command to send through to the second looter as well as...
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    Game Update Notes: July 16, 2014

    July 16, 2014 _____________________ *** Call of the Forsaken: Argin-Hiz *** - Call of the Forsaken: Argin-Hiz has been released! The hot ash winds blowing from portals in Ethernere-Tainted West Karana and the Southern Desert of Ro have dissipated, opening the way to the city of Argin-Hiz. The...
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    Stealth question

    I know stealth is marked as a high risk plugin but does anyone know if you use it and always /stealth return before using /stealth off will it still flag you as warping? The reason I ask is I used to record paths while in stealth mode and that was pretty slick.
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    EQ Landmark Alpha starts tonight

    EQ Next Landmark alpha begins tonight | Massively See some of you in evermine?
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    AA/Leveling Balance

    I'm curious how everyone chooses to level these days? I've got three toons at 60 and have just been hitting AA in the hole. Only higher toon I have on the server is an 85sk Seeing as i dont have too much of a support team should i max out relevant aa at 60 and then jump to 65 and repeat in 5...
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    Started a new 3 box

    Hey guys, started a new box group. Have an Sk/Brd/Wiz group in the 50s right now. Not really hoping to run more than 3 chars +3 mercs right now. Just wondering if you think it'd be a better idea to level up a mage with the bard and wiz and then look at finishing leveling and gearing the sk...
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    Healthiest EQ Servers

    Ah crap, wrong forum Going to give starting fresh a go I guess... which are the healthier servers to join these days :confused:
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    Setting zone waypoints on progression

    Hi guys, hoping someone can help me out with this... I am playing on progression. This has worked for me with no issues on the regular servers. Ex. there is a certain place in a zone i want my chars to zone into..ex Kithicor. I will place a waypoint by doing a "/zone setwp wp1" command with...
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    [HoT] Piggyzone locs all kinds of messed up

    Just for House of Thule zones it seems, I can confirm this for Feerrott (under the ground), House of Thule Lower (behind tree in RCY).. i have also tried some of the alternate locations/waypoints and they drop you to the same spot?, Erudin Burning (drops you in lava). I am not sure of the...
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    I thought this was kind of funny GK

    sorry if it is a repost. YouTube - Monk GK