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    Account 110 TBL Geared Toons For Sale

    3 toons for sale (each on separate account): 1. 110 wizard. Max AAs, RoS raid wep, TBL chase ring, feet, shoulders. Most slots raid gear or TBL rk3. 373 merc AAs. 5 vet AAs. 14 magma stones in bags. Wishing Lamp. All TBL group prog done. six 40-slot bags, 38, 36s in inventory. $175 2...
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    Account 110 Enc, 110 Mag, 110 Wiz

    Separate accounts. Max AAs on all toons. $400 for all 3. PM any questions. -MS
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    Account 110 Wizard for Sale

    Selling 110 wizard. Max AAs TBL chase ring, boots, shoulders 15 spare magma stone PSs in bags All inventory bags are 36-40 slots 5 years worth of veteran reward AAs 367 merc AAs EoK/RoS raid gear w/ some TBL tier 3 items Trophies: Lost Wayfarer's Tent, Scavenger's Prize, Trophy of the...
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    Buying EM25 Ear

    wtb em25 ear. plz pm. -MS
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    Buying EM 25 Pet Ear

    Looking for EM 25 ear. Offering $250. -MS
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    Question /speed command

    Recently, the /speed command to change run speed has been causing me to go LD immediately. Any thoughts on what I can do to change this? Thanks in advance! -MS
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    Buying Golden Sage's Earring

    Offering $150 for one of these earrings. Pst! -MS
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    Account 110 Wizard

    Letting my main toon go. -110 wizard -server transferrable -max AAs, max stored AAs -297 Merc AAs, healer oriented -All EoK Raid visibles... just missing a few non-visibles -All anni augs (both black pearls, HH Seb caster aug, etc.). All Eok/RoS caster augs. -4 vet AAs. /played time is 4yr...
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    Account 110 Enchanter

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    Account 110 Mage

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    Buying WTB EM24 Pet Ear

    Please delete! -MS
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    So, this may be a dumb question: I want to use the warp plugin and i selected it in the plugin configuration window, but I also read that I need to change EnableActivePlugin=0 to =1 in the ini files. I cannot seem to find this line in my .ini files anywhere... does anyone know a path to...
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    Insta-Spell Memming

    is there an issue with instantly memming spell sets? I noticed since the most recent patch that i cannot mem spells while mq2 is running. -MS
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    Dead Hills & Tower of Rot

    So, I did not have this issue on any other toons, but I cannot seem to click past the ladder in DH to get into the new ToR portion of the zone... just won't let me. Any thoughts? Thanks! -MS
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    FV Server

    Dumb question: is the FV no-xfer rule a two-way street? Or can you xfer toons onto the server from other servers? Thanks!
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    All my EQ accounts are sold, but I wanted to say thank you to this community for all of the good shit over the past 7 years - you kept the game fun. The devs here are top notch for sure. Take care all! Mister Sparkles out.