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    Hi does anyone know of a way to get the stickmen graphics back?
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    Who commands not working?

    Hi sorry if this has already been posted, Im unable to do /who guild or /who guild "guildnamehere" any more it just keeps saying pc guild was not found? Was like it in the last compile as well
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    PEQ MQ2?

    Anyone know how detectable active plugins are on PEQ the grand creation? mainly the reachit plugin
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    EMU UF MQ2

    Hey I'm using the UF MQ2 for PEQ server I'm trying to do spell skills but every macro I try I get "couldn't parse /goto :whatever" Is there a certain plugin I need to have loaded? [Plugins] mq2mmobugs=mq2mmobugs mq2autogroup=mq2autogroup mq2bzsrch=mq2bzsrch mq2cast=mq2cast...
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    EQMac shutting down

    Piestro@Eqforums FAQ: Is EverQuest: Macintosh Edition being shut down? Yes. Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is scheduled to sunset EverQuest: Macintosh Edition on November 18, 2013. No new accounts will be allowed to play EverQuest: Macintosh Edition as of October 18, 2013. What happens to...
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    Graphics glitch

    Hey I've had this ever since I started on EQmac pretty much even before MQ2 came along wondering if anyone found a fix for it yet. This is me standing next to a troll it does it on horses/Characters and pretty much every object