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    Krono's Trivia Giveaway

    I will be hosting a Krono Giveaway each weekend for those that are interested in participating. This give away is not funded through MMOBUGS.COM or any developers or anyone aside from myself personally. This will be a trivia that will consist of EverQuest Game Play or perhaps the history of...
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    Hello Everyone, I am posting this information for those of us that would like to use the plugin "MQ2AutoLoot" from the MMOBugs Compile Plugin distribution. In this post, there will be two (2) sections which will consist of Rarity items from Empire of Kunark and TOV/COV. First, for those of...
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    Kronos 1 Day Krono Sale (X30)

    1 Day Krono Sale (X50) $7.00 Each I have 50 Krono's available for sale. $350.00 for all 50, that is $7.00 each. I have a good reputation on selling so I guarantee you this is not a scam. I am also on MMOBUGS.COM Discord channel if you want to chat. Thank You
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    Question XTarget

    Does anyone have a syntax example or know if you have a Named in the XTarget Window? Thank you
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    Plugin MQ2Melee

    Anyone having issues with MQ2Melee since the update? Mine is not working at all. Unloaded it, and reloaded still nothing, not even the basic command like taunt is not even working? any suggestions? Thank you
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    Plugin MQ2NAV - Sathir's Tom (Ring of Scales)

    Does anyone know if there is a mesh file for Sthir's Tomb in Ring of Scales? was able to load up all zone mesh files for Ring of Scales but cant locate any mesh for stahir's Tomb. Thank you
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    Devestator's Macro's With Aura Error's

    Hello everyone, Spoke with someone that helped me out on updating the files with devestaros macros. If you want the support files with the updates let me know, there is no charge for this. I figure I try to help those that utilize his program macro's. The aura'erros have been fixed. let me...
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    IslandGirls's Stuff (115 Berserker for Sale)

    IslandGirls's Stuff ( Kronos | Items | Characters ) Hi Everyone, Please see below for current THING'S-FOR-SALE. All items listed are updated immediately as it is sold or traded. If you do not see it listed, it means it is no longer available. You are free to look at the item transactions...
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    Buying Skyiron Kite

    Hello Everyone. I am seeking to purchase a Skyiron Kite. I have a budget of 35 Kronos so if anyone has one and is willing to sell please let me know. I will take care of the server transfer. Once again thank you Item Seeking: Skyiron Kite :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM Paying: 35 Kronos
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    Kronos Krono's $10.00 Each

    Hi Everyone, Please see below for current Krono's status for sale. This post is updated immediately once sales are made. Terms of Purchase: Krono's Krono :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM Current Stock Status: - OUT-OF-STOCK Date Updated: - 06/21/2017 | 05:30AM | GMT +10 Original Amount in...
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    Items Empire of Kunark Rare/Chase Item For Sale

    Hi Everyone, The following items are for sale or trade. Item Description and Terms of Purchase: Rogue's Golden Ring -- Rogue's Golden Ring :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM Date Updated: 06/21/2017| 06:00AM | GMT +10 Pick-Up: $100.00 Delivered: $125.00 Krono(s): 10 (Pick-Up) Lifecleaver --...
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    Items EOK Rare: Blade of Protection

    EOK Rare: Skyripper Hi Everyone, I have 1 Skyripper for sale if anyone is interested. $250.00 includes server transfer or $225.00 and you pick up at my home server. Will consider offers. Thank you. Skyripper :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM -- $250.00 or best offer Blade of Protection :: Items...
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    Hello, I was wondering if it were possible to have a plugin feature similar to the MQ2FAMKILLER but for mounts? What I'm asking is to keep the mount buff that it offers but yet remove the mount if you don't want to be on a mount but benefit from the buff? What I'm seeing is that when you cast...
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    Plugin MQ2NAV Way-Points

    Hello, I am new to MQ2NAV and been using it a lot. I like this feature as it helps a lot when running around doing progression and tasks. Anyways, I wanted to share my data in case anyone wants it. The below section is for the Rain of Fear progression in East Waste Zone. Legend: P=Partisan...
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    Islandgirls Questions

    Hi 40oz and Tiker000, I have a quick question. The below nuke setting is an example and would like to confirm some things. by using this I want to to stop nuking the monster when the monster is 25 hit points. This works. my question is this, if the monster is a named and I set a condion...
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    Condition Settings for mac Program

    Nuke Settings for Named Hello, I am having a difficult time trying to understand a few settings in the Nuke section. NukeTotalIfNamed=20 "I am not understanding this part" Also I have 6 nukes listed and what I'm trying to figure out is I want to cast a particular nuke spell just only on...
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    Can anyone please assist me on trying to make this work. holyshit0=/if (${Me.PctHPs}<=80 && ${Me.XTarget.ID}>=3 && ${Me.AltAbilityReady[Projection of Fury]}) /aa act 3213 What I am trying to do is make this AA work when I have 3 or More mobs in my Extended Target Window. Thank you for reading.